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He moved to New York in 1884 and in the same year he fixed a problem that Edison had in his direct current system. Al thought the system was invented the fixing was an invention by itself.

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Q: How long did it take Nikola Tesla to make his first invention?
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Why did Nikola Tesla invent the Tesla coil?

he did it for communication advances by transporting power long distances

How long did Nikola Tesla work with Thomas Edison?

One year. 1884 - 1885.

What are the most important inventions that Nikola Tesla made?

The real "Father of the Electric Age" was Nikola Tesla, who invented AC electricity (still used to day, by Edison's DC plan, you would need power stations every mile), was the first inventor of radar (Edison convinced the US that radar was not useable, and could have been deployed as early as WW1, saving a heck of a lot of trouble in the long run). Due to Edison screwing Tesla out of other deals, he was well in the works of building a tower to provide nearly unlimited free electricity, an essencial death ray that could essentially make all war useless (but by this point he was seeing laser pigeons. No. Seriously.), and a HUGE number of brilliant experiments that died with him. His notes on the mystery invention were never completed. "The Oatmeal" has a great piece on Tesla: "Why Nikola Tesla was the Greatest Geek who ever lived."

What was the most famous invention that Nikola Tesla invented?

Although N. Tesla invented many things, probably the most important invention was the alternating current (AC) motor. This allowed the world to use AC generating and transmission lines to transmit electricity over great distances with little power loss. Direct current cannot be generated or transmitted over long distances without great losses due to resistance.

How long did Nikola Tesla stay in New York?

He stayed in New York from 1884 until his death in 1943. Tesla did spend time in Colorado working on some proyects but his home was in New York.

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Why did Nikola Tesla invent the Tesla coil?

he did it for communication advances by transporting power long distances

How long was it until Nikola Tesla was reconized?

No matter what some people say, Tesla has been reconized trought history.

Are there any museums named after Nikola Tesla?

yes, it is called Tesla museum, in lily dale. it is 1 kilometre long.

When was the radio invented by Mr Marconi?

Answer, never! Marconi used 17 pattens of Nikola Tesla to send his famous letter "s". United States Supreme Court gave back the Nobel prize and the honor to Nikola Tesla in the 1940s Nikola Tesla invented the first radio controlled boat. Go back further and you will find Hertz. He actually had created the first transistor and receiver but Nikola Tesla perfected it. Thank you Hertz for your discoveries and Nikola Tesla for perfecting our wireless phones, Remote control, radio controlled anything" Please research your history!

Did Nikola Tesla do the radio by hims self?

There is the Marconi incident which were when he got the patent. Marconi got that using some 17 patents registered by Nikola Tesla. Anyways, Marconi radio was a short range radio while Tesla's radio was a long wave radio. Nikola Tesla did make the radio by himself. The patent was turned to his name in 1943.

A device for transmitting long and short currents over wires was invented by?

Nikola Tesla

How long did Nikola Tesla work with Thomas Edison?

One year. 1884 - 1885.

Where on long island did Nikola Tesla live?

He had the Wardenclyffe laboratory located in Shoreham, Long Island, New York.

How long did Nikola Tesla spend on each invention?

Contrary to the Mystique, Tesla was above all an engineer. Engineering was his education, his consuming passion, his daily practice. Tesla's inventing pushed forward relentlessly, sometimes oblivious to ruling-system interests and that is heroic. Tesla was exploited as the poster-boy for the emerging electric-power utility industry that was exploiting his AC inventions and in 1888 while Jack the ripper was commiting his horrible crimes, Nikola Tesla made a patent on his ac motor. Tesla invented the 60-cycle AC power system that runs civilization today, the dynamos, transformers, motors, regulators and arc lamps. This technology established, along with his own wealth and fame, Tesla went on inventing. A turning point was 1891, when Tesla applied for patent 462,418, a Method and Apparatus for Electrical Conversion and Distribution. This means that from 1888 - 1981, he had pioneer his expertice in ac, the system that stays until today. By 1944 Tesla's patent on the radio came forward. I assume you can calculate by now, how long did nikola tesla spend on each invention.

Where was Nikola Tesla's work place?

When he entered the United States, much of his work was done in Colorado and New York. Nikola Tesla has other patents in other countries which the work was done in those countries.

Why is Nikola Tesla's lab on long island NY for sale?

Most of the people doesn't know who Nikola Tesla was since Edison spent his life trying to forbid his name from history. But there are persons that think that his lab should be kept in history as a museum.

How long did Nikola Tesla live?

Tesla died of heart failure alone in room 3327 of the New Yorker Hotel, on 7 January 1943.He was 86 years old.