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20 years

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Q: How long did it take Noah Webster to create the first dictionary?
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When was the first dictionary started?

Noah Webster published the first dictionary in 1828

What was the Webster dictionary first name?

I assume you are asking for the first name of the Webster that the dictionary is named for. That would be Noah.

When was the first American dictionary started?

Noah Webster published the first dictionary in 1828

When was the Webster's dictionary first published?

The first Merriam Webster dictionary was published in 1806. Noah Webster was the founder or the publisher. The title was called A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language.

Would you be right in saying Dick Webster is the author of a dictionary?

Noah Webster is man who wrote the first Webster's dictionary. I do not know Dick Webster at all.

What are facts about the Webster dictionary?

The Webster English dictionary is named after Noah Webster-the American who made his first dictionary, although the first person to make the dictionary is Dr. Samuel Johnson. It took him 27 years to complete

Is a Webster bictionary literature or language?

Do you mean a Webster dictionary? Webster's Dictionary refers to a dictionary of American English first developed by Noah Webster. Webster's first dictionary was ''A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language'' published in 1806. His greatest work, published in 1828, was ''An American Dictionary of the English Language''.

Who invented the william webster dictionary?

Noah Webster

When was Webster's New World Dictionary created?

The first Websters Dictionary was written in 1783 and by Noah Webster.

Who makes a dictionary?

noah Webster

What is a Webster Dictionary?

"Webster's" is applied to dictionaries of American English, based on the one first published in the US by Noah Webster in 1806, as "A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language".

Who is meraism websters?

Merriam Webster is a popular dictionary which is used in the United States. Websters dictionary is named for its creator Noah Webster who published his first dictionary in 1806.