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It took about 40 or 50 years to build the ark in Noah's day.


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God told Noah to build the Ark, as he was going to destroy the earth by a mighty flood.

Noah is never instructed to build an ark in the Yahwist account.

It took Noah 100 yrs to build the ark as said in the bible I don't remember where but I read it in the bible

he built an ark that was noah

noah took a ravinne on the ark

Yes Noah took peacocks on the ark.

Noah listened to god and built the Ark accordingly to what God said.

Gopher wood. After God gave Noah the directive to build the Ark. Noah went to his sons (Shem, Ham and Japheth) and said "GO FOR WOOD" and they did.

The Bible does not say what Noah did prior to being told to build the Ark, only that he was righteous.

He built the ark with his family using Cypress wood

according to the bible it is Noah who build an ark .

The Book of Genesis describes the Ark as a huge and complex wooden container around 130 metres long. Noah had only himself and his three sons, who would also have had to work long hours to produce food for the family. If there ever really was an Ark, it must have taken years to build.

It had to be built in the middle east.

100 dont know if it take 1oo years or not so yah

Noah started building the ark when he was 500 years old and the flood waters covered the earth when he was 600. So is short, It took Noah 100 years to build the ark.

well Noah is 500yrs old when God tells him to start making the ark then he is 600yrs old when the flood starts and he is done building the ark that is approximately 100yrs to build the Ark. Genesis 7:6-7

The Bible says Noah's Ark was made of 'gopher wood,' at least mine does.

it is estimated he stayed on the ark for 377 days

It took over 100 years to build the ark, and the covenant took only a few months

According to the record in the Bible Noah didn't capture any animals. They were brought to him two by two, except for the domesticated animals that were in sevens, at the right time. He thus didn't have to build pens, and he didn't have to worry about them dieing while he built the ark. He just built the ark and collected food for them.

I think God told Noah to build the ark. Haven't you ever heard of Noah's Ark? It's a Bible story I think.

He didn't Jonah ran away from god. god told noah to build the ark.

Two of each type of animals came to Noah ark.

None, because Adam wasn't on the Ark. Noah was on the ark. And Noah took two of every animal.

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