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Q: How long did the crystal palace exhibition last?
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Why was crystal palace rebuilt?

The Crystal Palace was originally built in Hyde Park, London to house the Great Exhibition of 1851. This was never intended to be its long term venue and when the exhibition closed, the Crystal Palace was dismantled and re-assembled in Upper Norwood, an area of southeast London, where it could be seen from miles around. In 1936 the building burned to the ground and arson was suspected but never proved. The stone foundations of the building are still in situ and the surrounding area is now known as Crystal Palace by local people.

How long was the crystal palace?

8 pongs

How long did it take to build the crystal palace?

The enormous crystal palace went from plans to grand opening in just nine months and 2 000 men it cost £27 800.

How long did the great exhibition last?

The Great Exhibition lasted for five months and two weeks exact. The exhibition began on May 1, 1851 and ended on October 15, 1851.

How long was crystal palace?

1848 feet long x 456 feet wide x 135 feet high

How long did it take to build crystal palace?

it took 8 months 2 000 men and £27 800

How long does a crystal last?

A crystal's lifepan, so to speak, is dependent on its exposure to weathering, crystal structure, and chemical composition. Could be a matter of minutes or billions of years, depending on the crystal.

How long did the Great Exhibition run for?

6 months

How long did it take to build The Great Exhibition of London?

It took 8 months to build the Great Exhibition! PS. Hope this helps

How long does crystal meth last in the blood?

I'm pretty sure it's around 48-72 hours.

How long did it take to build the Royal Exhibition building?

8 years

How long was the great exhibition?

5 months and was like a resort place

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