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Non-bank branded ATMs (like the ones you find in gas stations and bars) generally do not have integrated surveillance cameras, so the only surveillance footage would be what is retained by the store's general surveillance system. Stores with digital CCTV will retain 7-60 days of footage, which is enough to aid in almost all credit card fraud investigations.

Bank branded ATMs (especially ones located at actual banks) generally retain at least 90 days of footage, although 365 days of retention is pretty common. Because certain types of fraud can take months to discover, it is worth it for the banks to pay the extra cost to have enough hard drives to store a year's worth of footage. As a federal agent who investigates financial crimes involving banks, I have never seen a bank retain more than two years of general surveillance footage unless they had a reason to suspect a customer or teller of fraud.

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Q: How long do ATMs keep surveillance footage?
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