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They can live anywhere from 5 to 10 years. Some over 12 years old. Angelfish can live for 6-7 years if they are well cared for.

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Q: How long do angelfish live?
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How long will a freshwater angelfish live?

2 days

How long king angelfish can live?

in the tropical near California

How does an angelfish get water?

Angelfish live in water. They do not get it.

Can angelfish and crayfish live together?

as long as you have a cave like decoration the crayfish will stay in that and get some tall plants for the angelfish

Does an angelfish live in a coral reef?

Yes, Angelfish live in the corals.

What continents do angelfish live in?

Angelfish live in almost all the continents.

Do angelfish like to live alone or in groups?

Angelfish like to live alone. Angelfish are very feisty fish.

How long do angelfish live for?

Goldfish can live for a very long time. On average 6-8 years, but in nature they can live to be 30 years. Angelfish should live for at least 5 years, up to around 12 years. However, between the 2, Angelfish die much much easier. They are pretty sensitive.

Do angelfish live in coral reefs?

Yes angelfish do live in the coral reefs.

Can angelfish live in fresh water?

Freshwater angelfish can.

Do angelfish live in salt water?

Yes angelfish only naturally live in salt water the fresh water angelfish is a Hybrid

How long is the life span of an angelfish?

to tell you the truth it can live up to 10 years

What kind of water do angelfish live in?

There are freshwater and marine varieties of angelfish.

What is the habitat of the angelfish?

There are many types of angelfish that live all over the world. Generally, angelfish live in freshwater where it stays warm most of the time.

How old can a angelfish live too?

The average Angelfish can live up to half a year (6 months)

How long do snails live in an aquarium?

My snails lived up to 9 months. They were eaten by the Angelfish.

How long is an angelfish?

about 6 in

Can an angelfish live with a platy?


Do angelfish live in freshwater?


Can an angelfish live alone?


Does an Angelfish live in the Sunlit zone?


Do angelfish live in the ocean?


What country do angelfish live?


Can goldfish live with angelfish?

no mate

How does angelfish get water?

They do not get water. They live in it.