How long do draft dodgers serve in prison?

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at least for the duration of the war, minumum 3 years however, maximum life as you could be tried for treason for draft dodging, general about 50% of draft dodgers serve a 10-15 year sentence. In veitnam, draft dodgers were incarcirated for the duration of the war plus an additional sentence of 4-6 years was assessed at the completion of the war in most cases..however there are still about 3-5 percent of draft dodgers from veitnam that are still incarcerated.
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Was author Bill Bryson a draft dodger or draft evader during the Vietnam War?

Hard to tell. According to Bryson's rather sketchy biography, heleft the U.S. in 1972 when he was about 21 years old and remainedout of the country for the next 20 years. He was clearly a primedraft prospect for the Viet Nam war in 1972, but that doesn't proveanything. So...while the circumstances a ( Full Answer )

How long does the average prisoner serve on Death Row?

There really is no way to quantify and mathematically calculate this statistic. (in the US) There are 39 jurisdictions which still have the death penalty and the figures for one would have no bearing on the figures pertaining to any other one.

If you are sentence to 5 years in prison of that 5 years how long to you have to serve?

You have to serve 5 years. Additional information: Every state has provisions for parole for an earlier release from the actual sentence. The right to parole may be granted as soon as one-third of the sentence is served. Many factors contribute to the timing of parole eligibility, such as whe ( Full Answer )

How long do child molesters serve in prison?

Those convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct, or Sexual Assault against a Minor typically serve 8.7 years on average, the same as those who are convicted of rape (per DoJ statistics). Many states now have minimum sentence statutes now, so this statistic may be actually higher now. With the statute max ( Full Answer )

Gave amnesty to draft dodgers and army deserters?

i was a canadain citizen my family moved to the united states in the late sixtives i was living there on a visa i was drafted into the army and served about six months then i went awol and went back to canada i would like to no if i could come back to the u.s. under the amnesty program

Do you have to serve if drafted?

yes unless you have a medical problem and can't pass the physical.. or there are a few ways not to have to.

How does a prisoner serve 200 years?

They wouldn't. If a criminal is sentenced to 200 years in prison, he will basically stay there until the day he dies. Each crime has a sentence, and some are more extreme than others (the severity depends on the criminal act committed.) So when someone is sent to prison for 200 years, they will neve ( Full Answer )

Who where the draft dodgers in the Vietnam war?

Able bodied males between 18 and above (late twenties, based upon the needs of the service); by far, the vast majority of draft dodgers were simply males that were afraid of the military. They often said it, "...if I didn't have to go thru boot camp...I'd go! (to Vietnam)." . But it was FAR more h ( Full Answer )

Who were the Vietnam war draft dodgers?

men who were conscripted to the army in order to militarily invade Vietnam, who disagreed with the war. It is illegal in America to deny conscription, and any individual who does becomes a fugitive. "Draft Dodgers" are those who left the country or went into hiding in order to escape the compulsory ( Full Answer )

Was Sylvester Stallone a draft dodger during Vietnam era?

According to my recollection, he was. He conveniently went to Sweden or one of the other Scandinavian countries to escape the draft. He was not, to my knowledge, ever deemed to be unfit for service. He just refused to report, instead he left the United States, and lived abroad for some time. I find ( Full Answer )

How long did the draft dodgers go to person?

They were probably sentenced to more than two years; however draft dodgers were given a pardon by the US President...consequently, those draft dodgers may have been released early.

How do you serve divorce on Arizona prison inmate?

One way is to contact the civil division of the Sheriff's office in the county that the inmate is housed. If you are not sure about the county the prison is in, you can call the Department of Corrections and ask.

How was Odysseus a draft-dodger?

Odysseus knew that he was going to be one of the men that was called to battle during the Trojan War. To avoid this, he tried to feign madness. He hitched a horse and a donkey to his plow so that it would plow crooked, uneven lines. He laid salt in his fields to render his soil unusable. He was assu ( Full Answer )

Where did Draft dodgers go?

They typically went to canada, but some chose to stay in hiding in the united states, those who went to Canada were told not to come back to the US unless they wanted jail time, Jimmy Carter pardoned the draft dodgers.

What does it means to serve a prison sentences concurrently?

For example, let's say that John is on trial for assault, robbery and possession of controlled substances. He is convicted for all three, and during the sentencing hearing, he is given three years incarceration for assault, four years for robbery and one year for possession of controlled substances. ( Full Answer )

Is lil boosie serving life in prison?

No, not yet. He is currently serving a four-year prison sentence (22 September 2009 to 22 September 2013), although he is facing charges for murder that could earn him a life sentence or the death penalty.

How long can one state hold you in prison to be extradited to anther after your time has been served in that state?

Once the state that issued the warrant has been notified, and the legal process for extradition is set in motion, as long as the process is proceeding in a legal and timely manner there is no statutory time limit for that action to take place. If the fugitive is fighting extradition it will take eve ( Full Answer )

How long does a Virginia inmate serve in prison?

Well that depends on how long the sentence was previously decided in either a court martial or court. For example in most states the sentence for murder is either execution or life. Manslaughter is probably a very long time.

How long did the cops who beat Rodney King serve in prison?

Four LAPD officers were tried in a state court for the beating but were acquitted. A later federal trial for civil rights violations ended with two of the officers found guilty and sent to prison and the other two officers acquitted.

Is ted nugent a draft dodger?

Apparently. During an interview he admitted to making himself sick, so he could fail the military physical examination. Which he apparently did (fail). The interviewer then asked him if he, "felt any guilt for letting another man (draftee) die in Vietnam in his place...?" to which Ted replied, "tha ( Full Answer )

How long do you serve if you get 11 and half years in prison?

In the UK, normally the sentence actually served is two thirds, but this is dependent on parole or judge's instructions. Probably around 7 - 8 years with good behavior. In the US some states award time for good behavior, some states have minimum sentencing laws. The typical US criminal sentence w ( Full Answer )

When will Bernard Madoff ever be released from prison alive and why on Earth did he get such a long sentence that he can't possibly serve?

He probably won't. His projected release date, including time off for "good behavior", is over 100 years in the future. Since he's 73 now, the odds of him living to see it are not great. He got the maximum sentence for the crime he had committed ... 150 years. You're correct that it's essentially m ( Full Answer )

Who are the Vietnam draft dodgers?

When Americans didn't agree to go to fight in the Vietnam War, they burnt their draft cards and ran to other countries.

Was Ted Nugent a Draft dodger or not?

A copy of Nugent's Selective Service record shows that he had at separate times both a 1-Y medical deferment and 2-S student deferment. 1-Y: registrant available for military service, but qualified only in case of war or national emergency. Usually given to registrants with medical conditions that ( Full Answer )

Was lee Greenwood a draft dodger?

There Answetr is No, this is an urban legend, long ago debunked and other fact-checking websites. Lee Greenwood wasgiven a deferment that kept him out of Vietnam because he wasmarried and had young children. Back then, students and men whowere the sole support of their family were usual ( Full Answer )

Was Wayne LaPierre a draft dodger?

There were all kinds of people who disagreed with the draft. Kids who were poor or black who really did have moral objections to the war in Vietnam went to jail if they stayed here in the US. . LaPierre was a typical upper class Republican kid who got his MD to write a note that he had a "nervo ( Full Answer )

How does serving prisoners get car insurance?

Firstly, why would a serving prisoner need to have auto insurance unless their vehicle is financed and/or being driven by someone else. They can probably give their spouse or relative power of attorney to handle the automobile insurance. They must be very careful that the person who has power of a ( Full Answer )

How long do murderers serve in prison in the UK?

The maximum sentence for this crime in the UK is life, but this actually tends to mean 25 years. In cases of good behaviour and proven rehabilitation, prisoners are often released within 15 years.

Why did Tommy Chong serve prison time?

Tommy Chong went to prison and served prison time because he sold bongs through the U.S. Mail. Not only did her serve prison time, he was also fined and forced to relinquish $120,000 in assets.

Who served 27 years in prison?

A great many people have served 27 years in prison, but I think theanswer your looking for is Nelson Mandela.

Was rush limbaugh a draft dodger?

Rush Limbaugh escaped being drafted into the Vietnam War because heclaimed to have a pilonidal cyst. He did not have an inductionphysical and was not examined by an Army Physician. He brought apaper from his personal doctor and based on that he got aclassification that prevented him from being draft ( Full Answer )