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Q: How long do fairies live for and how do you become one?
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How do you become a founding fairy?

You can't become one, either you are your your not. Founding fairies are fairies from October 2008 & before.

Do Fairies live at the bottom of your garden?

maybe at one time but not now

What spell do you have to cast to become an animal fairy?

It is impossible to become one. Neither fairies nor spells are real.

How do people become fairies like tinker bell?

Fairies like "Tinker Bell" are part of "fairy stories". Fairy Stories are fictional creations and the characters are not real. Therefore I am sorry to say that "Fairies" are not real, they are imaginary beings and it is impossible for a real person to become one.

How do you become a fairy with wings and powers but without getting any smaller?

No one can become a fairy. Fairies are fantasy creatures.

Can you become a fairy and fly with wings?

No. Fairies do not exist and it is impossible to become one. The only wings you can fly with are the wings of an airplane.

When did everyone believe in fairies?

no one knows but fairies

How long does it take to become a resident of New York?

You must live in the state for one year to become resident.

Who has proof that fairies are real?

Well it depends on you and your opinions. Do you believe in them? No one has proof but there are people who believe that you have to believe in fairies to ever see one. Fairies are scared when they see humans. They think you will hurt them. Mermaids are the same way. It all depends on you. You can make it happen. As long as you believe. =)

Do fairies go fast?

No-one knows if fairies can go fast because no-one has seen one. I do belive in fairies so hopefully one day i will see a fairy and see if it goes fast! By the lover of fairies! Fairies do not go fast - fairies go quickly. Fast is an adjective and cannot be applied to a verb.Well fairies could be like a humming birds fast you can't see it. Maybe fairies are that fast. but idk its just a theory

Would fairies eat syrup?

No one knows. Since no one knows if fairies are real and no one has ever seen one........

How are fairies and mermaids different?

Mermaids and fairies are very different. One,fairies have wings mermaids have tails. Second of all, mermaids swim and fairies fly. Third,fairies are small mermaids are as big as humans.