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How long do i have to pay alimony?

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It depends on your court settlement. You may have to pay until she gets remarried or a certain number of years, but it depends on what you settle with in/or out of court.

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How long does husband have to pay alimony?

He will have to pay his wife alimony till the day she gets married for the second time.

How long do alimony payments last?

For how long does a husband have to pay alimony to his ex-wife in New York Satate?

Once divorceHow long you have to pay alimony?

This question is answered in the divorce decree. If you are ordered to pay alimony, there will be stipulations and usually a specific length of time. Look at your divorce papers and that will tell you.

How does Iowa determine alimony?

the man has to pay the wife alimony :)

What is separation pay?


Do you have to pay alimony if you are 100 percent VA disabled?

Yes. If you're ordered to pay alimony, that status does nothing to change it, although it may be possible to use that in appealing an alimony ruling.

What is a sentence with the word alimony?

Either spouse may be required to pay alimony after a divorce.

When will a husband have to pay alimony?

when you die

Do you have to pay alimony if unemployed?

If you are court ordered to pay alimony, losing your job does not automatically negate that order. However, it may give you grounds to go back to the court and request a modification of the order, terminating the alimony obligation. If you are in the process of a divorce and become unemployed, it is unlikely that you will be ordered to pay alimony, but not impossible.

Can you go to jail for failure to pay alimony?

It is possible to go to jail for failure to pay alimony. You will have to be very far behind before you will get arrested.

What do you do if your ex does not pay his alimony?

take him or her to court

Do you have to pay alimony while you are legally separated?

If you're in the US, and if your spouse gets an order for temporary alimony (and not all request for it are granted), then yes, you have to pay it.

Is former spouse payments from military retirement pay considered alimony?

A state court order must say military retirement pay is part of the alimony can a former spouse receive a portion. No Federal law says a former spouse is entitled to the pay as part of alimony.

Do a person have to pay alimony if they don't want a divorce?

If it is ordered by the court you have to pay it.

How long can alimony last in Penna?

There is no law stating how long alimony lasts in Pennsylvania. Usually if alimony is granted, it would be for a certain time frame for the spouse to get resettled.

Can I be forced to pay child support if I'm living off of alimony?

Yes, because alimony is taxable income.

What is monthly alimony?

monthly alimony: is money you are ordered to pay (on a monthly basis) by court, to a divorsed or separated spouse.

What are alimony lawyers good for?

Alimony is when two people are divorced and one has to pay the other to help maintain their style of living. Alimony Lawyers are good for helping one of the divorcees get the alimony they deserve or even more.

How long do you have to pay alimony in the state of Alabama?

When a couple divorces, alimony is often ordered as part of the divorce settlement. In the state of Alabama, if a couple was married less than10 years, alimony is paid for half the number of years of marriage. If married longer than ten years, alimony could continue until the spouse dies or remarries.

Do you have to pay alimony to an over staied tourist spouse after a divorce?

Then you married your spouse the question of citizenship goes out the window ... Marriage would make your spouse a citizen ... If so ordered to by a Judge that you have to pay alimony then you have to pay alimony ... If you wish not to pay the Judge will order you to jail and more then like your spouse will enter civil suite and win ...

Does alimony end if an ex spouse leaves the country?

If it's the person that has to pay the alimony that leaves the country then no. He still has to pay, but if he doesn't want to pay, then there is nothing you can do about it. It is basically his choice if he wants to pay or not. American courts only have jurisdiction in America.

Does a person have to pay alimony if they don't want a divorce?

If alimony is appropriate given the circumstances of the marriage then the spouse will likely be required to pay alimony to his ex regardless of whether or not he or she wanted the divorce. The amount will depend on the length and nature of the marital relationship and can be a lump sum or periodic payment. If your ex remarries, the alimony obligation will extinguish.

Does a husband still pay alimony if he remarries?

Yes, in many cases the husband may have to pay alimony if he remarries. However, is some cases if his ex wife remarries the ex husband may be lucky enough not to have to pay alimony. Depending on what the agreement was during the divorce you will need to seek legal counsel.AnswerThe remarriage of the husband has no effect whatsoever on his alimony obligation. You need to review the court orders.

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