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How long do pool chemicals last?


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To what chemicals are you referring? Some last months, some last weeks, some last days, some last hours or minutes. I don't have the room to list all the chemicals and their longevity that are used in Swimming Pools in this article.



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as soon as you put the water in you can ad chemicals to it

I think pool filters last about 10 years.

What about "pool chemicals in a hot tub"?

form_title= Pool Chemicals form_header= Keep your pool clean and beautiful with pool chemicals. Do you have a salt water or chlorine pool?*= () Salt () Chlorine What kind of chemicals do you need?*= _ [50] What is the square footage of your pool?*= _ [50] Is your pool above ground or in ground?*= () Above Ground () In Ground

No pool chemicals pass through the filters.

Sustain pool chemicals can be bought from A1Poolfun.

You shouold not use household products to replace pool chemicals. There are many unique properties of pool chemicals that you should be aware of

Pool liners can last for 10-15 years... if you really take care of the liner it can last about 20 years!

I would say 2 seasons, I know from my personal experience.

You don't put chemicals in a pool, if someone threw up in a pool, wouldn't someone clean the pool? I mean seriously.

Not aware that a swimming pool had green hair.

If your pet get into the chemicals see a vet. If your pet is drinking water from the pool, even after chemicals have been added to the water, they will be ok.

Be very careful of pool chemicals as they are toxic to all pets. A lot of chemicals are safe once diluted but not everything is safe.

Yes, but it will take more and won't last as long as pool chlorine.

chemicals can go anywhere on the floor on the table even on walls and if you buy dettol complete it will wipe away chemicals for long last

It will last a while but it will go away after a little while so you need to have chlorine in your pool at all times if the pool chlorine levels are low just shock you pool with hth pool shock. hope this helps

what chemicals are needed for starting up a 20x48 intex above ground pool

Whats in them is there is beef extract and pool acids used to clean a family pool and chemicals that are fake potatoes

Pool chemicals can normally be measured by using test strips or a test kit that can be obtained at most stores.

assuming the snake can swim and breaths air, yes. But why would you want to keep it in a pool with chemicals?

If you are unsure about the chemicals required in your above ground pool take a water sample to your local pool shop and they will set you on the right path

Pool chemicals will be harmful to small children if ingested or if they come in contact with the skin at full strength. However, when used at proper levels in a pool they are not harmful. Pool chemicals in water are not harmful to children. Try to keep children from swallowing too much water though. Pool chemicals not stored correctly would be harmful to children, however!

They will last forever as long as they are put on properly.

You should not put chemicals in the pool while the vacuum is in. Put the chemicals in and give them a chance to work first. Then you can vacuum and backwash the filter as needed.

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