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The bachelors degree is designed as a four year program of study provided the student takes the program as prescribed by the institution. However, because of basic skills testing, many students spend an additional semester to a full academic year to complete their program of study.

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Q: How long do students typically finish college or a university today?
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What is the percentage of students who do not finish college?


What percentage of students finish college?

75% do

Did Bill Gates drop out of college?

Yes Did he finish college at another university.

Do all university students have to find summer jobs if they finish school?


What do you call the rooms in a college that students live in until they finish college?

Dormitory Rooms, or Dorm Rooms for short.

Why are more students enrolling in community colleges?

Many individuals start at the community college level for a variety of reasons to include: * Community colleges are less expensive to start out with. You can cut the cost of a four year degree almost in half by starting at a community college first, and then transferring to four year college or university to finish up the last two years. * There are typically smaller classroom sizes at the community college with a better professor to student ratio, which means more individualized attention. * Some students do not meet the entrance requirements of the four year college or university, thus they start at the community college first, then transfer later. * The community colleges are typically more family oriented, with a strong sense of community. * Some students like to be close to home, thus they start at their home county community college.

Do all college and university students work during their summer vacation?

No, some do volunteer work, some take summer classes to finish their degree, and some of them stay home with their parents.

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about 9-11 years (:

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You can start your studies in a community college, but will need to finish at the university level, as well as attend Dentistry college.

What percent graduate from college in Chile?

Only about 19 percent of the students enrolled in college in Chile actually graduate from college. Rising tuition fees have made it more difficult for students to finish school.

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