How long do white dwarfs live?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: How long do white dwarfs live?
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How long will a black dwarf star live?

It is unknown. Scientists belive that, since the life length of white dwarfs are so long, there aren't any black dwarfs in our universe yet.

Why had Snow White lost her Seven Dwarfs?

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Are white dwarfs older than the sun?

Some white dwarfs are older than the sun, and some are not. More massive red dwarfs form from stars larger than the sun, which do not last as long.

How is it possible for white dwarfs of have a lower luminosity than the sun even though the sun is much cooler than the white dwarfs?

Because luminosity is a measure of brightness over distance. Also white dwarfs are a hundred times smaller than the Sun. Most white dwarfs are a long way away and thus are difficult to see.

A dying star shrinks to this?

Dying stars eventually shrink into white dwarfs (which as they age eventually become red dwarfs and then brown dwarfs - but this takes an extremely long time).

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Do stars die out after becoming white dwarfs?

No. Stars become white dwarfs after dying.

What stars are the oldest red dwarfs white dwarfs red stars or giant stars?

According to <>, white dwarfs are the oldest.

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What are red dwarfs and how long do they live?

A red dwarf is a small old star :)