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every day u celebrate Earth Day

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Q: How long do you celebrate earth day?
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When did you celebrate earth day?

On... Earth Day.

What is earth day and why do you celebrate it?

to not liter for our earth

What countries celebrate earth day?

Around 175 countries in the world celebrate the holiday Earth Day.

What is the origin of celebrate?

To celebrate the year and day you were blessed to be in this earth

Does every one celebrate earth day?

No, not everyone celebrates earth day. That would be great, but there are still many who do not celebrate it.

How do we celebrate world's earth day?

making the the earth clean

What do Arbor Day and Earth Day have in common?

Arbor Day and Earth Day celebrate the earth and bring people to plant a tree.

Which countries participate in Earth Day - and how do they observe the day?

Canada: we celebrate earth day by wearing green and or white

What do schools do to celebrate Earth Day?

ok i guess schools celebrate by having a party!!

What would happen if you do not celebrate earth day?


When was the earth day celebrate?

in 1970 April 22nd

What percentage of people celebrate earth day?