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It depends on what kind of battery it is.

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2010-02-17 19:03:58
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Q: How long do you charge an m15a4 airsoft battery?
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How long do you charge a 1.2v airsoft battery?

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What happens if you charge an airsoft battery to long?

You can wreck the battery. Get a smart charger or trickle charger to avoid this problem.

How long does it take for an airsoft jing gong m16a1 battery to charge up?

charge 4-6 hours, no more.

How long should you charge an airsoft rifle?

You need to look at the battery and look up the recomended time. Overcharging will ruin the battery.

How long do you charge 8.4v1500MAH Ni-CD battery pack for airsoft guns?

About 2-3 hours

How long do you charge an electric airsoft mp40 battery?

4-6 hours depending on if it is completely drained.

How long do you charge 8.4 airsoft battery?

Most Sites Say 6 hours the initial charge and 4 hours every subsequent charge.

How long to charge p90 Airsoft gun battery?

depends on the battery and charger. standardd wall charger with a nmhi battery 1800mah about 4-6 hours. smart charger untill it says full charge

What type of battery does the Well D90H Airsoft Gun use?

It uses a 7.2V NI-CD 400 mAh battery. If anyone knows how long to charge it, please say so. I have this airsoft gun too.

How long do you charge a 7.2v airsoft battery?

About 4-5 hours. You can purchase a smart charger that has a light that turns green when the battery is fully charged as well.

How long does it take to charge an ak47 electrical airsoft gun?

Depending on the battery size most take 2-4 hours

How long should I charge my Tenergy 9.6v 3800mAh airsoft battery for on a 8.4v charger?

You shouldn't. Different voltages aren't compatible.

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