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In the United States, the minimum would be seven years - three years of undergraduate and four years of vet school; however, most veterinarians have at least eight years of college. Outside the United States, the range is typically between six and eight years, depending upon the individual country's educational system.

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Q: How long do you have to attend university to become an equine veterinarian?
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How much schooling is needed to become an equine veterinarian?

12 years

What is an equine veterinarian?

An equine veterinarian is a trained medical professional who is specifically focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of horses.

What do you have to do to become a horse doctor?

Veterinarians, especially large animal or equine doctors, must graduate college with a bachelor's degree, usually a BA or BS. They then attend a veterinary college and take special equine classes. They may join an equine veterinary medicine club if their college has one. Then they must spend time working with another equine veterinarian or veterinarian getting good at the skills they learned while in school. Becoming a horse doctor is a very long process.

What is a horse veterinarian called?

An equine vet.

What is a horse vetrinarian?

the technical name is equine veterinarian

What is a vet only for horses called?

An equine veterinarian.

Can you be an equine and a small animal vet?

Yes, you can work as a both an equine and a small animal veterinarian. However, equine medicine in the United States has become a specialty distinct from small animal medicine and it is uncommon to have either a veterinarian that stays current on all of these species or to have a practice that supports both an equine client list and a small animal client list without also covering large animals.

What qualifications do you need to become a horse vet?

The qualifications to be an equine (or horse) veterinarian are the same as for every other kind of veterinarian: graduate from an accredited school of veterinary medicine, pass the NAVLE and become licensed in the state you wish to practice in.

How does an equine veterinarian get customers?

Mostly by word of mouth and referrals from clients.

What is a horse doctor's professional name?

The name of a horse doctor is an equine veterinarian.

What are the benefits of an equine veterinarian?

An equine veterinarian gets to work around animals that they love. They also get to be highly paid by wealthy people in general. It costs a lot of money to properly care for horses and the vet is a beneficiary of this.

Can horses take flexeril?

Flexeril was designed for use in humans, however a equine veterinarian can prescribe it for a horse with muscle pain. You should always consult with a equine Veterinarian before administering any medications to a horse.

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