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Sadly my friend nothing is free in this world and no one is going to hand over that degree to you without laying the work down first, i know its annoying I've gotta go to college to the fact that its mixed is no problem but it seems like too little reward for so much time but you have to dedicate yourself if you want to do well and if its not good enough for you i guess your gonna have to find something else

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Around about 5-10 years maybe more or maybe less depending on if you already have experience with it :)

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Four to six years.

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Q: How long do you have to study for in university to become a marine biologist?
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Who study acquatic life in the sea?

marine biologist

What are the duties for a marine biologist?

The duties of a Marine Biologist is to study and protect the life of underwater organisms.

What do marine biologist?

marine biologist study oceanography so pretty much the nature of the ocean

Which kind of biologist would most study whales?

Marine biologist

Which kind of biologist would most likely study whales?

Marine biologist

What do marine biologist do weekly?

Weekly, Marine Biologist study animal medicine the undersea habitats of animals, and the animals themselves.

Why do marine biologist study?

so we can know more about them

What kind of living and nonliving things do you think marine biologist studies?

Marine biologist's study everything from algae to the largest whale. Basically anything in the ocean, living or not they will study.

What work does a marine biologist do?

marine biology Answer #2 They study life forms in the sea.

Are marine biologist state employees?

marine biologists are scientists that study aquatic life.

What do Marine Biologist do and what do they do daily?

Study marine enviroments, populations and organisms. They swim. Daily.

How long do you have to study to be a marine biologist?

About 6-7 years