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Q: How long do you have to vacate your property in lake county Indiana after it is sold at a sheriff sale?
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How long before you have to vacate after a sheriff's sale in phila pa?

In Philadelphia, after a sheriff's sale, the new owner must provide occupants with a notice to vacate within 15 days. If the occupants do not vacate after receiving the notice, the new owner can file an ejectment action to remove them from the property.

How much time if any do you have to leave the property after a sheriffs sale we live in Toronto ON Canada.?

In the state of Ohio you have 30 days to vacate the property after a sheriff's sale. If you don't you can be charged with criminal trespassing.

How do you use vacate and vacation in a sentence?

I was told to vacate the vacation property I had rented.

Is the date on a sheriff 5 day notice to vacate the day I have to be out?

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What does motion to vacate foreclosure sale mean?

Motion to vacate sale means cancelling the order that confirms the sale of the foreclosed property. The word "vacate" means cancel in this case.

How long after your court date for foreclosure in Michigan do you have before you have to vacate your home?

6 months from the sheriff's sale date.

What does vacate mean?

To vacate is to make something vacant or empty. If you are inside it, this means you must leave; if your property is inside it, you must remove it completely. An order to vacate an area means that everyone must leave it, so as to make it empty.

How long before you have to vacate after a Sheriff's Sale in Indiana?

It depends on who buys the property. However, you should have already made your plans to move out. If you have a lot of stuff, start earlier. When we bought a short sale house, they had three days after closing. They were busy until midnight of the last night and had to leave things behind. Plan ahead; it is not the buyer's fault that you have to move.

Can you still stay in a foreclosed home?

Once a property has been foreclosed upon, the new owner takes possession and you generally cannot continue to stay in the home. It is important to vacate the property before any legal action is taken against you.

Who is responsible for a property still in the foreclosure process once you vacate the premises?

You are responsible for the property during the foreclosure process up until the property is sold or auctioned.

You owned a home could not pay property taxes a bank purchased the home how long before you have to vacate the property?

I owned a home. I could not pay the property taxes. A bank purchased the home. I never received an eviction notice. How much time do I have before I must vacate? I live in Pennsylvania?

How do you know that foreclosure is done?

Usually you will either receive a notice vacate the premises, or the Sheriff will show up at your door to evict you. Sometimes, both.