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How long do you have to wait to take a pregnancy test?


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Wait a full missed cycle. I know the test kits tell you that they can give a reading in 2 days, but the hormone they test for takes a cycle to build up and you are apt to get a false reading with an eariler test. Save your money and do it after you have missed one cycle.
14 weeks after intercourse is the most accurate date for determining pregnancy with a home pregnancy test.


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Most women should wait at least a few days after sex before taking a pregnancy test.

After ovulation, you should take a pregnancy test after at least ten days. For the best results, wait a full two weeks before taking a pregnancy test.

you should wait 2 to 3 weeks after to get a home pregnancy test

you should wait to see if your next cycle comes. if you think that you may be late then you can take a home pregnancy test.

Yes. wait until your next period is due. If its late, take a test.

Home pregnancy tests claim to be 99% accurate but early tests are only 40-50 % accurate so wait at least a week before taking the pregnancy test.

14days after ovulation or 3-4 days after implantation

You should wait for at least two weeks for then only can you do a pregnancy test that will show a result.

You should wait until you have missed your period. If it is negative and you haven't gotten your period in a week, take another test.

A woman must wait 2 days for signs of pregnancy, this means you must wait 2 days after intercourse to take a pregnancy test

It depends on the type of test. Some tests take only a few seconds; others take weeks or months.

You can take a home pregnancy test from two weeks after you last had sex. It's best to double check the packet of the pregnancy test to ensure that it's sensitive enough to detect lower levels of pregnancy hormones, talk to your pharmacist to determine the best pregnancy test to purchase.

You should wait til you miss the first day of your period then take a at home pregnancy test

Typically u want to wait until after you've missed your period.

Diarrhea has no effect on pregnancy tests. You can take a pregnancy test whilst you have diarrhea.

you should wait at least 5 days after your due period for a positive result Good Luck :-)

you'll need to wait about 5 days. thats what I learned with my first baby. good luck! :)

Wait two weeks after unprotected sex before taking a pregnancy test.

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