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If you miss your period there are over the counter (OTC) tests available that can tell you as early as 1 to 3 days late, these can get pricey. I don't know how accurate they are but by 1 week late most OTC tests can pick up the hcg in urine. The best way is to go to your local health department. They don't charge for urine testing and it is still confidential. Also, your family doctor can do urine tests or order a blood test which is the best and most reliable way of detecting pregnancy.

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Q: How long do you have to wait until after you miss your period to take a pregnancy test and get an accurate result?
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What is the earliest time a pregnancy be detected and when can a urine test detect the pregnancy?

I think about 3 or 4 days before your expected period, however, you can get a more accurate result if you wait until you have actually missed your period.

Can you take pregnancy test to see before next period is due how long?

You can take a pregnancy test whenever you want but it will not be accurate until your period is about 5 days late. Used earlier may give you a false negative result.

How late into pregnancy can a pregnancy test work?

At least 10-12 days after ovulation. It is best to wait until your missed period to get an accurate result. I tested with the early pregnancy test (5 days before missed period) and I got a negative. Then I took a test 3 days after my late period and got a positive.

Will taking a pregnancy test in the process of missing a period by accurate?

If it's positive, it 's accurate. If it's negative, you can't trust it until your period is a week or so late.

Can a pregnancy test give an accurate result a week after sex?

No. You need to wait until 3 weeks after sex to get an accurate result. It cannot be detected until after implantation. This results in false negatives if the test is performed during the very early stages of pregnancy. (1st or 2nd week).

Could you still be pregnant if a pregnancy test came out neg and there are still 3-4 days to come on my period?

Yes there is a chance you could be pregnant. It depends on the type of pregnancy test you take but some of the cheaper tests do not take an accurate reading until the day of your missed period or a few days after you have missed it. The closer it is until your period due date and the longer it is since you missed your period contribute to your result. If it has been a few days since you were due your period then there's more chance that the result will be more accurate but if you are in any doubt you should contact your doctor.

Do pregnancy tests always detect if you are pregnant?

nope..sometimes the pregnancy test can't detect...but if you wait until your missed period, they are more accurate. A blood test done at the doctors are very accurate.

Can a pregnancy test be accurate only one week after intercourse and a few days before your next period?

No, it wont be accurate until 14 days after intercourse.

Can you take a pregnancy test the day before your period and will it be accurate?

An EPT is very accurate, if the hormones hCG is present it will tell you so, if it is not high enough to show pregnancy it will be negative until the level rises. If it is positive you are pregnant, if it is negative wait until your period is 7 days late then try again.

Can I take a home pregnancy test and not have missed a period yet?

Some home pregnancy tests can give you an accurate answer up to 5 days before your missed period. The later you wait the more accurate the results. Save your money and just wait until you are late to test.

When is it too early to determine pregnancy?

pregnancy test until the week after your missed period for the most accurate result.

How can you tell you are pregnant after ovulation?

Take a pregnancy test. Wait until you have missed your period because you need the hormones to be present to have the test be accurate.

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