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Q: How long do you leave coca- cola on your hair to get rid of headlice nits?
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What happens when you rinse your hair with coca-cola?

hat happens when you rinse your hair with Coca Cola?

What happens if you rinse your hair with coca-cola?

hat happens when you rinse your hair with Coca Cola?

Does Coca-Cola dissolve hair?

No, Coca-Cola will not dissolve hair!! How do i know this? Well, I actually just did my Science Fair Project to see if hair will dissolve in certain liquids and coca-cola was one of my liquids. the Coca-Cola only changed the color of the hair but it did not dissolve it. Bleach will dissolve it in a matter of hours!!

Does bromine remove gum from hair?

well maybe because coca-cola remove gum from hair and well their is bromine in their

When can you get headlice?

You can get headlice if you put your head close to someone who has headlice. The lice cannot jump but they can crawl onto other peoples hair.

How much headlice is in your hair?

Not sure, but I think they prefer people with blonde hair!!!

Will dawn dishwashing liquid kill headlice?

Yes, just wash your hair with it like normal shampoo, leave it for a minute then wash it off then after you've rinsed it put a lot of conditioner on your hair.

How do you do a really nice hairstyle?

The hairstyle is called The Coca-Cola Whizze! I do it for school every morning, it takes maximun 10 minutes. Things You Need: A hairbrush, hairspray, comb,A botle of Coca-cola and some eggs You start up brushing your hair until it gives a slight frizz. Once your hair is quite soft stop. Then get some coca-cola and mix it with one egg, then rub it on your head. This gives the hair an amazing shine and soft luscious texture. Then carry on brushing your hair. Finally lift it up into a w shape. And brush it saying whizze. One you have done that get your hand and dip it into the mixture. Then rub it on your scalp making sure it covers every spot. Tip: make sure the eggs are well beaten.

How do you catch headlice?

You can catch headlice by brushing heads together-the lice can jump from hair to hair very easily!It's a good idea to wash your hair regularly, as the lice prefer a greasy environment...

What is the difference between woodlice and headlice?

One likes wood, the other likes hair.

What don't headlice like?

Headlice don't like anything greasy, mayonaise, olive oil, tea tree oil, washing up liquid etc. They also don't like heat so straightening your hair will help as will dying your hair.

Why does mu husband never get headlice when all the family have them?

Because there is a infestation of headlice in your family and your husband is either weird or he is the only man in the family or he has good hair Good Luck from Dullop