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zebras can live for about 30 years

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How long do zebras live?

Zebras live up to 20-30 years old in the wild. Zebras live up to 40 years old in the zoo.

How long zebras live?

20-30 years in the wild.

Where do zebras lives?

Zebras are can be a wild animal if they don't belong to a zoo, so zebras live in the wild. Places such as Africa are where zebras live

How long is a zebras life?

In the wild, zebras live up to 20 years. Zebras are prey for several predators, such as hyenas, wild dogs, cheetahs, and especially lions. In addition, as zebras get older, they become very weak. However, in captivity, zebras live to be approximately 40 years old.

How long can a zebra live?

Zebras live for about 30 years in captivity ans 25 years in the wild...

How long does zebras sleep?

what country do zebras live in? where do zebras live?

What do zebras need to survive in the wild?

Zebras are secretly elves that live undercover

Are there zebras in Greece?

Only in zoos. There are no wild zebras there. They live in parts of Africa.

How long do zebra live?

In the wild, zebras usually live around 20 years. A zebra in captivity can live to be around 40-years old.

Where Do Most Zebras Live In US?

Zebras are not native to the Americas so they live either in zoos or private collections, but not in the wild (in the U.S.).

Where does zebras live in the wild?

Mostly in central southern Africa.

What do lions need to live in the wild?

Zebras, gazelles and water.

How many zebras in the wild?

There are about 1,000 to 3,000 zebras in the wild.

How long exactly do wild boar live?

how long do wild pigs live? how long do wild pigs live? how long do wild pigs live?

Do zebras live with other animals?

yes they actually do the live with lions and other wild predators

Are zebras harmless or wild animals?

Zebras are wild animals and when provoked, can be dangerous.

Where do zebras run wild?

Zebras are found in the wild in some parts of Africa, such as Kenya.

How long do grant zebras live?

they can live up to 40 years

Where do zebbys live?

if you are referring to Zebras: While there are a few zebras living in zoos around the world, they are only found in the wild in one continent- Africa. Plains zebras, which live in grassland, live all around Africa. Mountain zebras, which (as the name suggests) live in mountainous regions, live in dry southern African countries- Angola, Namibia and South Africa. Grevy's zebras, which live in shrubland and grassland, live in Northern African countries- Kenya and Ethiopia.

Do zebras live in north or south America?

They do because they were taken there and breeder. Then they got let into the wild

What are equine animals?

Equine animals are mammals that belong to the family Equidae. It includes species like donkeys, wild horses, zebras, domesticated horses, and asses. Horses and zebras tend to live in herds in the wild.

How many years do zebras live?

Zebra's can live up to 25 years in the wild, but when protected can live up to 30 years or more.

Do zebras live in a forest?

No, zebras live in the savanah

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