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Depends on your insurance company's policy.

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Q: How long does a DWI affect your insurance in CT?
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How long does a DUI charge stay on a Connecticut license?

CT has very stiff DWI laws, they look back 10 full years for priors. Each conviction gets a stiffer penelty. The 3rd DWI in CT within 10 years, can mean losing your DL in CT FOREVER! DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE IN CT, EVER!

Where can one apply for CT Insurance?

CT Insurance, more fully known as Connecticut Insurance Department is a Connecticut government department whose website lists insurance companies, primarily in the medical field.

Who are some health insurance provider in Hartford CT?

There are many heath insurance providers in Hartford, Ct. These include companies such as Hartford HealthCare, Anthem and Health Insurance Connecticut.

Can you ride a moped after dwi?

In my state of CT to drive any vehicle on its public streets a driver must have a valid drivers license. If person with a DWI conviction has not had his license suspended, then he may operate any motor vehicle.

Does my CT car insurance cover me to drive to FL?

Yes. It covers you no matter where you are as long as you are paid up for your coverage and it is an active policy.

If you have a Ct drivers license but no insurance can you drive a relatives car in DE?

If your relatives have insurance, then yes.

What auto insurance has code 989 in CT?

If an insurance code of 989 is shown on a police report car accident who does that person have car insurance with?

What is the procedure for a CT Milligram?

What is a CT/Milligram and how long does it take

What is a NAIC number?

Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company, Simsbury, Ct.

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Do ny speeding tickets go onto your ct license?

do ny speeding tickets affect a ct license

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Can you ride a 49cc motor scooter on the road in CT?

Yes you can under CT statute 14-286. You don't need registration or insurance. Nor do you need motorcycle endorsement on you CT DMV license

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Where can a person get auto insurance quotes in CT?

A person can comparison shop on pricing for automobile insurance in Connecticut by visiting the Connecticut Car Insurance Center. Different insurance rates offered by different insurance companies can be compared from one location.

How does crime affect the environment in Hartford ct?

It depends on the crime

How long does it take to drive from Milford CT to New London CT?

About 56 minutes.

How long does it take to go to Massachusetts ct from windham ct?

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What is the penalty for driving an unregistered vehicle in ct?

A $117 Dollar Fine...If insurance is current.

Can an employer pay health insurance for you after a layoff in ct?

I think this is take care by HIPAA.

Where can I find information about purchasing car insurance in Connecticut? will have rate information in CT.