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How long does a baby squid grow?


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It all depends on the type of squid.


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How long can a squid grow up to

It can grow as long as a squid can grow.

Estimates suggest that giant squid can grow up to 33 to 43 feet, for males and females, respectively. However, they are only the second largest squid. The colossal squid can grow up to 46 feet long.

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The colossal squid of Antarctica is the longest invertebrate. The colossal squid can grow Up To 45 feet long. The giant squid is the second largest living invertebrate and can grow up To 35 feet long. The largest invertebrate in the fossil record was the Tusoteuthis, which was similar in length to the giant squid--up to about 35 feet long.

Probably a baby squid if something did not happen to the water that would hurt the adult or baby squid.

A squid has an elongated head that has eight arms and two tentacles attached. Most squid are under 24 inches long, although the giant squid can grow up to 43 feet long.

You can't currently breed Squid, and there are no baby squid models.

yes baby squid is born in eggs

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The baby squid on 'Finding Nemo' was named "Pearl."

It takes about one to two years for a baby dolphin to grow.

Squid that are babies, they are often fried into calimari

squids grow to nearly 60 feet long.....

Giant squid grow at a rate of 20 feet a year.

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squids can get to 200 feet long. and there mouths are 10 feet long. baby squids are 10 inches long. baby squid mouths are maybe up to 2 in a half inches long.

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will i think about 5 to 7 weeks it grow =)

The giant squid can grow to the size of a bus. It can get as big as 59 ft. and can weight 1,980 lbs. almost a ton.

no they are completely different

Giant squids vary in their size depending on their gender. While females can grow up to 43 feet long, males generally only grow to around 33 feet.

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