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Copulation lasts for only 1 to 3 seconds.

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Q: How long does a bull cover a cow when breeding?
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What do you call the breeding male of cow?

A bull.

Can only a bull get a cow pregnant?

Yes. That's the only way you will get a calf. Breeding a cow to another male animal (except a bull bison or carabao) will not get her pregnant.

How long does the bull breed the cow?

It takes two to five seconds for a bull to copulate with a cow.

How do you get a black calf with a white face?

You can either buy one--off a local producer who sells such calves or from your local salebarn--or you can get one yourself by breeding an Angus cow with a Hereford bull (or a Hereford cow with an Angus bull). Even breeding a modern-type Simmental cow with an Angus bull (or vice versa) will get you a black-baldy calf.

What is a jumper bull?

A jumper bull is just a full grown male cow. These jumper bulls are used exclusively for breeding purposes.

What is another name for a father cow?

Another name for the "father cow" (more properly called a bull) that is used for breeding is called the sire.

What does hand breeding cows mean?

It means taking the semen from a bull and putting it in a cow's uterus by hand, without having the bull to service the cow himself. It is all called artificial insemination.

Is it normal for a bull to try to continue to mate a cow even after breeding it?

Yes, especially if the bull has such high libido (or is really "horny" all the time).

What is a male cow name?

Any name like Sirloin, T-Bone, Chester, Angus, Blackie, etc.

What is the feminine of the noun Bull?

The feminine form of a bull is a cow. Bulls are mature intact males used for breeding cows and heifers, and cows are mature female bovines that have had at least two calves.

Can you breed a Holstein bull to a jersey cow?

Yes, but you may end up with that Jersey cow having problems giving birth to a large calf. Holsteins are not really known for giving small calves like Jerseys are, so either consider breeding a Jersey bull to a Holstein cow, or don't breed your Jersey cow to a Holstein bull at all.

What cattle breeds have buffalo in them?

The only breeds of cattle with buffalo DNA is the Beefalo, this is breeding a buffalo bull with a beef cow.