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The sooner you turn an unpaid debt over to collections, the better the chance of recovery. I would not suggest any debt over 3 years old. If it is a credit reporting agency, the debt will remain on the debtors credit report 7 years from the dilinqent date.

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How soon can a vendor send a client's account to a collection agency?

There is no law that restriction how long a creditor or business must hold a bad debt before forwarding it to a debt collections agency.

Can the same debt be on your credit report multiple times due to collections?

No, but it happens. This can be disputed before you pay any collection agency call me first to give you information about a free weekly conference call on credit repair and what protect you from these collections agencies.

Is it legal for a collection agency to call at 500 am?

No. It's a violation Of FDCPA or fair debt collections practice act. They can be sued no call before 8am or after 9pm your time zone.

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Can a hospital send your bill that is exactly thirty days old from time of service to a collection agency?

they normally don't, they try in house collections at first before they farm it out, but to answer your question, yes, they can.

Does a credit agency have to notify you of money due before they report to the credit agency?


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I believe you do. The debt collections agency can locate you via your passport tracking. A more viable solution would be to get debt consolidation and minimize the amount you pay back, and pay it off before you leave.

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Is a private Outpatient Hemodialysis Facility mandated to bill the patient three times before is sent to a collection agency?

There are limited laws or rules on how any health services business should conduct their billing practices, and such rule that would require them to send out three bills before submitting a debt to collections. Generally things like a bad check or credit card reversal are instantly sent to a collector, and they may attempt to resolve other problems internally first, but not required to.

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What powers does the Canadian Revenue Agency have?

As an auditor at the CRA, I will answer your question even though you probably hate me. The agency has the right to all your books and records for your business. This includes receipts and invoices claimed as expenses, bank account statements which can include personal ones if there is a connection to business ones (eg. transfer from personal to business), looking at all your business assets and anything that is related to your business. This is just the audit part. If the auditor makes an adjustment on your return and feels that you may default on tax owing, the file will be refered to Collections who will contact you to get payment. They may garnish wages and put liens on your property to prevent you from selling them among other things. Although the Agency will give you every opportunity to pay your debt through payment plans. They will not empty your bank accounts without leeting you know. You will receive letters before any drastic actions are taken. The file may be taken to court if deemed necessary and hefty fines and or jail time is possible. Hope that helps. If you are dealing with the Agency I can leave you one piece of advice, be very co-operative. The more co-operative you are the faster it will be done.

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The best way is to pay on results. Dont agree to any contract, just agree to test them. Feed them a few small accounts and ONLY PAY AFTER YOU GET PAID. That way you'll get an idea of how they perfrom before you give them more business. I"ve used a collection agency at for about ten years and we dont have a contract. They just do a good job, and we pay them.

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