How long does a cat continue to bleed after giving birth?

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They can bleed for 3-5 days after giving birth. It is not uncommon for the bleeding to continue for up to 7 days.
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How long after a chihuahua gives birth will they stop bleeding?

chihuahua's normally need caesers because the puppies are too big to be born naturally. the breed is so selectively bread. it is therefore 'cruel' to put them through this pur

Is it normal for a cat to bleed after giving birth?

Each cat is different, just like humans but almost every cat,with her first litter will have a bit of should not be a lot ,but she might leave an occasional blood

How long will a dachshund bleed after giving birth to 6 puppies?

You should take her into the Veterinarian to have her checked out after whelping. Did she pass all her placentas for each pup? She should not be bleeding hardly at all. Get he
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How long will you bleed for after giving birth?

After delivering a child you will bleed for 6 weeks or longer. It is called lochia and it will slow down and diminish during the 6 weeks from a bright red to a dark brown. If
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Why do cats bleed after giving birth?

A cat really shouldn't "bleed" after delivering kittens. A small amount of old blood discharge may be seen but no real bleeding should occur. Kittens are attached to the mothe