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Molting is the process of shedding and renewing its feathers. During the molt the reproductive system of the bird is allowed a complete rest from laying and the bird builds up its body reserves of nutrients.

It is a natural process, designed to maintain the birds' ability to escape enemies by flight( strong new feathers) and to provide greater protection against cold winter conditions.

In most breeds the molt occurs once per year but can actually happen twice in the same year. The molt can last from 3 months and occasionally for up to 5 months depending on the condition of the bird at the start of molt. A good tonic added to the drinking water will help speed this along.

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Q: How long does a chicken's molting last?
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How long is the molting period for chickens?

They usually start molting in late July early august and are finished by November or December to be ready for the winter.

Do chickens shed?

Yes, it's called molting.

What is chickens molting order of secondary feathers?

After Primary Feathers are Molted

Do chickens lay eggs while molting if not how long does molting take?

Hens stop laying eggs. The main reason is because they need extra energy to produce new feathers, and another reason is that the pigment in their eggshells comes from the pigment in their feathers. Molting can take between three and six weeks.

Why do rhode island red chickens loose feathers?

They are molting. losing feathers and replacing them with new ones. it happends to all chickens.

Why do chickens loose their feathers if they are not molting?

Chickens may loose their feathers due to stress, or from another bird. Chickens often pull out feathers from other chickens when setting up a pecking order.

When do chickens molt?

Most chickens will molt in late summer or early fall. The act of molting is when the chicken loses all of it's feathers.

What tonic do you give chickens molting?

Poly-tonine A Super booster No.1 is a water soluble tonic great for molting chickens. Most feed & grain co-ops sell various brands of tonics for hens. Each area of the country is different so just go to your co-op store or Agri feed outlet and ask the staff for a water soluble tonic for molting chickens.

Is there a disease that causes chickens to lose their feathers?

Lack of vitamins in feed can cause feather loss but usually novice farmers mistake a normal molting period for some kind of disease. All chickens have at least one molt per year which will last as long as six weeks. At this time egg production drops and chickens will lose feathers. New feathers will re-grow.

When do chickens go into molding stage?

Most chickens go into the molting stages in the late summer months. Some may wait until early autumn to molt.

What is chicken molting?

Chickens loose a lot of their feathers and then (in most hens) dont lay eggs for a couple months.

How long will your hermit crab be under the sand molting?

It will usually be molting for a month or two. It's important that you try to leave your crab alone when it's molting.

Is it okay for Polish chickens have bald spots?

Most likely your hens are molting but if the bald spot is on the saddle...the area on the back just above the tail, what is happening is the rooster is wearing away the feathers from mating with the hen. This is normal and will last until the next molting period when the hen will not allow the rooster to mount her and her feathers will re-grow.

Why have your bantam quit laying over night?

When chickens get to an age they decide to stop laying. They just get too old. Because it is winter at the moment, chickens are molting (loosing all of their feathers) and they often have a 'break' from laying for about a month. I have 20 or so chickens and I am only getting 3 eggs a day because most of them are molting. Your bantam could just be being slack or just old. Hope this helps....

What to do when all of my chickens are losing feathers all over?

They're molting. Feed them as much a they can eat. They'll stop in about three weeks.

How long is the process of a molting fiddler crab?

An hour or so

When does molting start?

There is really no set or standard answer to give you on this question. Molting takes place at different times for different breeds and even at different times among the chickens of the same flock. When the individual hen needs to renew old feathers, molting will start. Generally within the first year after they start to lay eggs, they will come into molt.

How long do roosters molt?

Molt in chickens lasts about 90 days. Some breeds can go through this twice in a year. Other breeds and chickens with poor nutrition can take much longer to go through the process. Molting is the renewal of feathers so the better fed the bird the quicker it changes out its feathers.

My chickens find my cats food from time to time before I have a chance to pick up the bowl will the cat food harm my chickens if they eat it?

no chickens eat everything, sometimes i think they are more like pigs then pigs are. I actually fed my chickens catfood when they were molting, gave them extra protein for growing back their feathers.

What is molting in a rabbit?

Molting is another word for shedding. If the rabbit is molting it is shedding.

How do you force a chicken to molt?

Drugs or you can't I posted a link on chicken molting in the related links box below. You can force molt by turing off the lights in the barn, but therefore they have to be indoor chickens. Turn off the lighs for 3-4 days, which makes the chickens think it is winter. Don't supply as much food and water as usual. Molting lasts about 2 weeks.

What is a sentence for molting?

The molting lava started flowing from the volcano. This is an example to the word molting.

What does a penguin do when it is molting?

it does its molting in the spring time

How do you pronounce molting?

The word molting, aka: a dog is molting, this is pronounced like mole-ting.

What does it mean when a feathers floats in your home?

one of your chickens is molting or one of your pillows has a hole, or a sparrow flew in your house and lost one. there are many possiblities to have this occur in your home.