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Q: How long does a cigarette butt to decompose?
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Conclusion essay the hazards of smoking?

Smoking causes lung cancer and air pollution as the worst possible fact the cigarette butt doesn't even decompose

How long does take for a cigarette butt to burn xDDDDDDDDD?

It depends what type of cigarette it is but it would take longer if your not smoking it.

What is the difference between a cigarette and a cigarette butt?

A cigarette is the entire object. The cigarette butt is what is left over after you smoke it.

How long does it take for 1 discarded cigarette butt to biodegrade?

10 years

What is a fag end?

The end of a cigarette, or the cigarette butt in America.

How long does take for a cigarette butt to degrade?

There are different answers like twelve years, four months, or 150 years, so it depends.

What is a sentence for butt?

The goat will butt you out the way.Scoot your butt over a bit would you?Dropping your cigarette butt on the floor is littering, which is an offence that will get you fined.

What is the name of the part of a cigarette that face to us when you hold the lit cigarette?

the butt or the filter

What investigatory project about cigarette?

A paste made out of cigarette buts. Put acetone and the cigarette butt. Mix them.. ;) Thank me later..

What is the same thing as butt?

Cigarette end.Water container.Backside

How long does it take a cigarette to disintegrate?

A cigarette takes 3-10 months to mostly decompose and some say it can take up to as much as twelve years; however, the filter which is made of acetate will NEVER fully break down.

What is a dog end?

A dog end is a cigarette butt, the small stub of cigarette that is left after someone has smoked it.