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Until something disturbs it, like a future meteor impact, or a future moon landing. The footprints left by the astronauts may last millions of years.

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Q: How long does a footprint last on the moon?
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How long a footprint last on moon?

Possibly, although it is unlikely, forever. This is because there is no wind on the moon. No weather.

Why will a footprint last forever on the moon?

There is no air or water on the moon, therefore nothing to erase it.

Why do foot prints last for hundreds of years?

You might mean on the moon. There is no wind or rain to erode the footprint on the moon, that's why it can last up to billions of years.

Do footprint last on earth for more than 30 years?

Depending on the environment, it may be possible for a footprint to last more than 30 years. If an environment is exposed to consistent changes and elements, such as rain, wind, etc., then it is just about impossible for a footprint to last that long. In an environment where virtually no elements are present, in a cave for instance, then it could be possible for a footprint to last that long.

How long does an astronaut's footprint stay on the moon?

I think it's forever or millions of years

Can you see the moon footprint?

The first footprint of a man in the moon is still visible. Photos of the footprint were also taken during the first mission to the moon and a USA flag placed at the landing site.

How long will a foot print last on the moon?

We can't be absolutely sure how long a footprint will last on the moon since it might or might not be struck by a meteoroid or other cosmic debris, but potentially it could last for billions of years. It is also possible (although I am not expecting it) that the moon will someday be colonized by people, who will then disturb the existing footprints. But then again, they might want to preserve them as monuments.

What was left behind on moon?

a footprint

Why will a footprint last forever on the moon than earth?

because there is no air to blow it away and nothing to cover or disturb it

Is Neil Armstrong footprint still on the moon?

yes it is still on the moon.

Why does a footprint never disappear on the moon?

there is no wind

What does a footprint look like on the moon?

Due to there being no wind on the moon, as there is no atmosphere, it can be safe to assume that a footprint on the moon would look like a normal footprint, but wouldn't be affected by wind or rain. Therefore it would stay around indefinately. Basicly, its just a perpetualy fresh footprint.

How can you make a footprint on the moon?

Yes! Of course you can though the footprint will stay there forever because there is no wind.

Why does a footprint last longer on the moon than it does on Earth?

The moon has no atmosphere and no weather. Here on Earth, a footprint is likely to be washed away by rain or blown away by wind; on the moon those things do not happen. We also have other disruptive influences in Earth, including plant and animal life, earthquakes and volcanoes. Those do not exist on the moon.

Who put their footprint on the moon?

The 12 Apollo astronauts have left their footprints on the moon.

Can you leave a footprint on the moon?

Yeah probably I think...

How quickly does a footprint erode on the moon?

it doesn't, there is no wind

Who was the first footprint put on the moon?

Neil Armstrong put the first foot on the moon

Can a footprint be left on the moon?

yes it can because there are some footprints on the moon left by the astronauts

How long does a new moon last?


If an astronaut trod on the moon would his footprint vanish?

Only if it were to be disturbed my a meteorite impact, otherwise it will last until the moon is destroyed, along with the Earth, when the sun expands and swallows both.

How long does the moon take to change from last quarter to new moon?

the same time it take the moon to change from a new moon to the last quarter

How long will the moon last for?

a very long time, probably forever.

How long does a moon phase last?

one month

How long does the moon phase last?

30 days