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Fountain pens have been known to last generations. Iridium nibs (points) can outlive the user even if used regularly. If well cleaned and maintained, the body of the pen can last just as long. If the pen is properly used and taken care of, it can pretty much last forever. That's one reason why people are willing to pay so much for some fountain pens that are sometimes plated in precious metals.

I've personally been using my relatively cheap $20 ohto fountain pen regularly at school for over a year without any sign of wear. The only damage in the near future may be paint chipping, but fountain pens are made of durable metals. As long as you don't drop or lose it, there is no need to worry about how long the pen will last. Just don't forget to apply even pressure on both parts of the nib while writing, and the pen will not take noticeable damage from the actual writing.

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What is a fountain pen liquid?

Fountain pen liquid is as of course the liquid from a fountain pen.

When was the fountain pen invented?

The fountain pen was invented in 1884. The fountain pen was invented by L.E. Waterman.

Why do you sign a wedding certificate with a fountain pen?

last longer

What is a fountain pen used for?

A fountain pen is used for writing.

Is a baby fountain pen an inkling?

No. It is a baby fountain pen.

Who is the Greek god of the fountain pen?

There is no Greek god of the fountain pen.

What is fountain pen in spanish?

a fountain pen is una pluma. thankyou x

What word is when linked to water soda and pen can form compound word?

The word is fountain. water fountain fountain pen soda fountain

What is the plural of fountain pen?

Fountain pens.

Can you use India Ink in your regular fountain pen?

No it will clog up your fountain pen.

What did the ballpoint pen replace?

fountain pen

Why the name fountain pen?

It is called a "fountain pen" because the nib receives a continuous flow of ink from the reservoir or cartridge - which is the "fountain."

What is fountain pen in German?

A fountain pen is called ein Fuellfederhalter. The comon short form is Fueller.

Is un stylo a fountain pen?

A stylo (also: stylo-bille) is the name for a ballpoint pen, or roller pen. A fountain pen is "un stylo-plume" in French.

What is the timeline for a ballpoint pen?

The quill pen, the fountain pen and then the ball point pen.

Physical and chemical characteristics of those in fountain pen ink?

The physical and chemical properties of those in fountain pen ink, the physical are how the pen in general and the chemical are the pen ink.

Which was invented first the fountain pen or Crayola crayons?

the fountain pen of corse the had water bak the ps. I am a blond

Where can I get a personalized fountain pen?

The fountain pen hospital has a ton of options to tailor to what you need out of a custom pen. Look around for what you want.

How can I be sure that I can obtain fountain pen refills locally?

You would be well served to get a fountain pen with a standard cartridge size. So long as you're using one that has a normal cartridge that should not be a problem.

How long can a pen last with out a pen cap?

4 minutes

How do you fill a fountain pen with ink?

A fountain pen can be filled by three means.1) Via an ink cartridge which is simply pushed onto the feeder for the fountain pen.2) Via a converter which is roughly the same as an ink cartridge except that it can be re-filled via a bottle of ink.3) Via a dropper straight into the body of the pen as in the LAMY 2000 Fountain Pen

How do you use a fountain pen?

kill it

What is fountain pen categorized in?


Did Anne frank did get a fountain pen?


Did LE Waterman invent the pen?

Yes he did. He invented the fountain pen.