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How long does a largemouth bass carry its eggs?


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How long do bass carry eggs


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On average, largemouth bass live ten to fifteen years.

largemouth bass can live to 15 years.

They can live for about 15 years

The legal length of a largemouth bass in eastern Ontario must be at least 12 inches in order to keep. proper liscenses must also be aqquired

Around ten to sixteen years.

A really big female can reach thirty inches.

14 inches, but it's best to catch and release this species.

Largemouth, 14 inches, smallmouth, 12 inches. But as they are top predators, they should all be released.

The Florida strain usually can live to around thirteen years, the northern to fifteen or more.

a fish carrys eggs for 28

Bluegill are in the sunfish family, which is a rather common group of fishes. Some others are: Largemouth bass Smallmouth bass Redear sunfish Black crappie White crappie Warmouth Pumpkinseed Flier Spotted bass Coosa bass Rock bass Roanoke bass Long ear sunfish

George W. Perry holds the current world record for largemouth bass caught June 2, 1932 in Georgia which weighed 22 lbs 4 oz.In 2007 Mac Weakley caught a bass that reportedly weighed 25 lbs 1 oz from a lake in California, however he chose not to submit it for consideration as a new world record. The fish was released alive back into the lake where it was caught.Generally, with respect to bass fishing, people talk about Smallmouth Bass or Largemouth Bass. There are other types of bass as well. The records for each are:- Smallmouth bass was caught in Kentucky in 1955 and weighed 5.4 kg (11.9 lb). It measured 68.6 cm (27 in) long and 54.9 cm (21.7 in) in girth.- Largemouth Bass record is 22 lbs 5 oz caught in Japan

Flamingos don't carry their baby's, they lay eggs.

A corn snake will carry her eggs for about two months after becoming pregnant. She will shed her skin shortly before (..and shortly after) laying the eggs.

Ladybirds (ladybugs) lay eggs, they don't carry their young.

I believe you would find that it depends on the body of water and the part of the country. In Texas, for example, depending on its length (naturally) a largemouth bass 10 in long would weigh about .48 lb. A fish 29 in long would weigh about 17.5 lb. Therefore, according to charts, the "average" fish of 19.5 in would weigh about 4.31 lb. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It depends on how much food it has eaten.

Fish lay eggs, they don't carry babies.

Big! I saw one so big it's mouth, in scale with it's body looked like a blue gill. It was all most a yard long.

Best not to keep it out more than a minute. Practice catch and release. Take a pic if you want to show it off, but release the fish.

The leopard gecko will lay her eggs 20-40 days after copulating.

They don't "carry" their babies. The female lays eggs and sits on them (or they're incubated).

Barbs, including the green tiger barb, are external free spawners. This means that they do not carry fertilized eggs, but that the eggs are fertilized externally. Females will develop eggs when they are in good condition; meaning good water quality and well fed. Essentially they will carry eggs until they are triggered to spawn. If they are not triggered to spawn, the eggs will often be re-absorbed and used and nourishment.

Turtles lay eggs in shallow nests in the sand, and they hatch there.

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