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How long does a nanosecond last?

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10-9 seconds.

Thats 0.000000001 (8 zeros after the decimal) seconds.

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How long does nanosecond last a millionth of a second or a billionth of a second?

How long does a nanosecond last, a millionth of a second or a billionth of a second?A nanosecond lasts a billionth of a second.

Which is faster a nanosecond or millisecond?


What does a nanosecond look like as an equation?

A nanosecond is one billionth of a second. In the long form, it is 0.000000001 seconds. As an equation, it is written as 10-9 s.

Which is faster 10 nanosecond or 100 nanosecond?

10 nanosecond is faster than 100 nanosecond, just as 1 hour is faster than 10 hours.

How long is a light-nanosecond?

In one nanosecond (ns), light will travel 30.0 cm, about 1 ft. The speed of light (in a vacuum*) = 186,000 miles per second, or 0.000186 miles per nanosecond, around 1 foot/ns. *note: Light travels slower moving through matter.

Which is shorter nanosecond to microsecond?

A nanosecond is shorter than a microsecond. There are one thousand nanoseconds in a microsecond.

What is shorter a microsecond or a nanosecond?

A microsecond is longer than a nanosecond.

How do you use nanosecond in a sentence?

One billionth of a nanosecond is a second.

1 nanosecond is what fraction of a second?

1 nanosecond is 1 billionth of a second. i.e. 1 nanosecond = 10−9 seconds.

Is a nanosecond shorter than a picosecond?

A nanosecond is longer than a picosecond.

how much zepto second in a nanosecond?


How many seconds equal 1 nanosecond?

1 nanosecond = 0.0000000001 seconds

What is the part of speech for nanosecond?

The word nanosecond is a noun. The plural form is nanoseconds.

How many meters are in a light nanosecond?

1 light nanosecond = 0.299792458 meter

How many moments in 1 nanosecond?

3.14159265358 moments make up 1 nanosecond

How do you write Nanosecond in standard form?

A nanosecond is a billionth of a second and this is how you write it in standard notation 0.00000001

What comes first a nanosecond or a millisecond?

a nanosecond is smaller a millisecond is one thousand times smaller than a second and a nanosecond is one billion times smaller than a second

How much time does it take light to travel one inch?

According to Mavsman110. in the 'How much time does it take light to travel one foot?' post the answer was 1 nanosecond. Based on that you should be able to safely assume that "one nanosecond divided by 12 = you answer" so the answer is:1/12 Of a nanosecond!

What is the distance light travels in a nanosecond?

Light travels 299.792458 millimeters in 1 nanosecond Here's a handy mnemonic: "1 light-nanosecond = 1 foot" is only about 1.6% off.

Did grace hopper invent the difference machine?

No. She was on the committee that wrote the COBOL spec. and invented the "Hopper Nanosecond" a piece of copper wire just under a foot long that illustrates the maximum distance a signal can go in a computer in a nanosecond.

What is shorter then a millisecond?

A Nanosecond

What is a billionth of a second?

A nanosecond

A billionth of a second?

A nanosecond

How many seconds are in a nanosecond?

1 nanosecond = 10-9 second = 0.000000001 second = one billionth of a second

What is shorter a nanosecond or millisecond?

A nanosecond is shorter than a millisecond. There are one million nanoseconds in a millisecond.

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