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How long does an interstate compact of felony Supervised Probation usually take?

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βˆ™ 2007-10-11 21:24:04

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Really depends on how fast/ slow the home state is in sending out the paperwork and how fast/slow the receiving state is in its investigation. Law I've looked at says home state probation officer must send out paperwork within 14 days after probationer makes request (Don't remember if that was my state's law or federal). However, in my case probation ignored this and seemed to really want to slow everything down because I was in a big rush- transfer request for school. Estimate I've been told is 45 days. Then when I mention that number officer says, "Well, I don't know, maybe 100 days"

2007-10-11 21:24:04
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Q: How long does an interstate compact of felony Supervised Probation usually take?
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If someone is incarcerated DOC for 7 years and has 5 years supervised probation what does that mean?

If someone gets a sentence of 7 years plus 5 years supervised probation it usually means that when they get out of prison they will have to also be on probation for 5 years, supervised. This depends on the actual order by the court.

Do you have to pay the probation officer if you are on Supervised Probation?

You do not have to pay any probation officer directly. You do most likely have to pay probation supervision fees, however. These payments are NOT made to your probation officer but usually to the clerk's office of your sentencing court.

Are relatives or spouses responsible for monitoring a person who is on supervised probation?

No, generally supervised probation refers to a period of supervision by a state cerrtified representative, such as a probation officer. It doesn't have to be constant but it is usually frequent and can include unannounced visits and check-ups with employers, landlords, etc. * Family members are not required to keep track of the probationer unless said person is a minor. There is no difference between the terms "probation" and "supervised probation" all probationers are treated the same under the existing laws of the state that pertains to the matter.

What is shock probation?

This usually means a period of incarceration prior to relase to probation supervision.

Does probation officer or judge decide if you can leave state while on probation in North Carolina?

Usually, the probation officer will submit a form to a supervisor for approval to leave the state. If the order of probation prohibits you from leaving the state, it is usually up to the probation officer if you can leave. There must be a good reasonto leave the state, and it helps if he/she has been doing well while on probation.

What does a probation officer usually test for?


Is reckless driving and getting a ticket a violation of probation?

Usually not, unless the terms of probation specified otherwise. If you're not certain, you can ask your probation officer, and they'll be able to tell you what is or is not in violation of your probation.

If the courts know you violated your probation will they alert your probation officer?

It is usually the other way round as the Probation Office is supposed to keep an eye on you as you, at regular times, report to him. If you violated your probation it would be the Probation Officer who would notify the courts.

Will a DUI revoke your probation?

Violating the law at all while on probation usually means six months in jail.

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How long should someone be on probation for evading arrest?

It will usually range from 1 year of probation to 1 to 3 in prison.

Does a judge favor the probation report in sentencing?

yes they do because it tells them how you been on probation and how people think you are doing usually the probation report is what they look at because the judge does not see your actions outside the court~EXTRA INFORMATION~♥ so yes they do consider your probation report and therefore if you do not have one they go by evidence or just how the jury comes to it but usually most people have a probation report and sometimes you don't even have to be on probation ♥

When you provoke probation what happens to you?

i've never heard of provoking probation, i assume you mean to revoke probation. Revocation of probation usually occurs when you violate the terms of your release. A common violation is alcohol cumsuptions. Usually you will see a judge in this case and you may possibly have to serve the rest of your time in jail instead of probation if it is a serious enough infraction. Probation is a chance for you to prove to the court you can be better, it is something that is given, therefore can be taken away.

Whats the difference between a highway and interstate?

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Can you live in a foreign country while you are in probation?

Possibly. It depends which country you were tried and sentenced in. First you have to get permission from the Court that sentanced you to probation originally -- usually with recommendation of the probation office which is managing your case.

Can you have a bail if probation is revoked California?

Usually not, a probation violation is not a new crime, it is simply a violation of a previously adjudicated sentence for a crime that you've already had your constitutional protections for. There usually is no appeal from a VOP.

Does steroids show up on normal drug tests that probation gives?

No. You have to test specifically for steroids, and probation usually doesn't care about them. (That is, unless you're on probation for a steroid-related offense, and then they care deeply.)

Does a probation officer need a search warrant to search a probationer's residence?

Nomrally Not. Your Probation agreement usually states that you Probation Officer can search your home. But this could depend in your State, and what type of probation you're on (Sex or Drug offender vs. regular felony).

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How often will you receive random drug tests on probation?

usually once a month

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Can you get a probation violation and your bond revoked at the same time?

Yes, that's what usually happens when you violate probation. It gets revoked and you go 'inside' for the remainder of your sentence.

What happens if you are on probation for assault and you get arrested for stealing under 100?

Violating the law while on probation usually means you go to jail for at least 6 months.