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Sex can last any amount of time. A boy might find he comes very quickly the first time he has sexual intercourse. Usually sexual intercourse lasts longer as people get more experienced and know what to expect. But with a new partner it can take time for people to get used to each other. Also every time people have sex it is different, depending on how they feel and what they want.

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Q: How long does intercourse usually last?
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You are a guy Why do you last so long during vaginal intercourse?

The amount of time you last during intercourse has nothing to do with your gender. While its more common for men to last a shorter time, woman can be the same way. It usually takes more time for women during vaginal intercourse because it is harder to locate our ultimate "pleasure spot." So if your guy lasts awhile. Be thankful!

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As long as he needs it too. During sexual intercourse and masturbation it lasts until the male has finished or ejaculated.

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If you had intercourse 2 weeks before it is a possibility. Take a test.

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Can sperm survive long enough for you to get pregnant if you have stopped birth control pills and you had intercourse on your last pill night?


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It depends on the nature of the delivery but usually a matter of days.

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