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How long does it take Uranus to rotate on rd axis and orbit around the sun

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Which one goess around an axis which one goes around an orbits?

"Rotate" on an axis. "Revolve" in an orbit.

Which planets axis is nearly parallel to its orbit?

The axis of Uranus is 97.77 degress, nearly in line with its orbit around the sun.

Does Uranus and Earth rotate in the same direction?

Yes, Uranus and Earth rotate around the sun in the same direction, and rotate around their own axis in the same direction, although the angle of Uranus tilt is larger than the Earth's

How does the planet move all the way round and not earth?

around what? if its earth then it would rotate on its axis and and if ur talkin bout the revolution then if it is before earth (Venus, Mercury) then it wouldn't orbit around earth they would only orbit the sun and Venus would orbit mercury. and all of the planets after earth (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, others) they would orbit the sun and all the planets before them. but all planets rotate on their axis but it may take shorter or longer time to rotate once than how long it takes for earth to rotate on its axis once.

How many hours does the moon rotates on its axis?

It takes the Moon the same time to rotate about its axis, as it takes the Moon for an orbit around Earth - about 27 1/2 days.It takes the Moon the same time to rotate about its axis, as it takes the Moon for an orbit around Earth - about 27 1/2 days.It takes the Moon the same time to rotate about its axis, as it takes the Moon for an orbit around Earth - about 27 1/2 days.It takes the Moon the same time to rotate about its axis, as it takes the Moon for an orbit around Earth - about 27 1/2 days.

Does Neptune rotate or orbit around the sun?

Neptune rotates on its axis and orbits the sun.

What do rotate revolve and orbit mean in space?

Rotate: an object turns around its own axis. Revolve: an object moves around another object. Orbit: as a verb, basically the same as "revolve".

How many hours for Uranus to rotate on its axis?

Uranus rotates on it's axis approximately every 24 and 37 minutes.

How long time does it take Uranus to rotate around its own axis?

It takes Uranus 17 hours, 14 minutes and 24 seconds to rotate around it's own axix. In other words, a day on Uranus is shorter than a day on Earth.

What does the planet Uranus name mean?

How long does it take Uranus to orbit on its axis

Uranus time needed to rotate on its axis?

If Uranus is rotating I think you should see a doctor

Does Neptune rotate vertically or horizontally?

Neptune rotates on a vertical axis with a horizontal equator. The only planet to rotate on a horizontal axis is Uranus.

Do all planets rotate on their axis counterclockwise?

No, Venus and Uranus rotate clockwise.

What planets orbits around the sun in backward direction from east to west?

All the planets in our solar system orbit around the Sun in the same direction.However, there are two planets that rotate on their axis "backwards" compared with the others. They are Uranus and Venus.

What are all of the planets doing as they orbit the sun?

well they rotate on their axis as they orbit the sun

One complete turn of a planet on its axis?

It is not an orbit, it is a ROTATE.

What is the difference between the terms orbit and rotate?

Rotate means that something turns around its own axis (the axis being inside the body), as when a ball is spinning.Orbit means that something moves around something else, as when Earth moves around the Sun.

Does the earth rotate clockwise or counterclockwise on its axis?

Earth rotates counterclockwise on its axis. Only 3 planets rotate clockwise: Venus, Uranus, and Pluto.

Which planet does not rotate on its axis?

All planets rotate about their axis, most of them within the plane of their orbits. One exception is Uranus, which is tilted on its side so that it spins as if "rolling" along its orbit. At two points in its orbit, one of its poles points almost directly toward the Sun. Each pole experiences 42 Earth years of daylight and 42 Earth years of night during the longer Uranus year.

If the earth did not rotate around sun would it be day or night?

First, the earth does not rotate around the sun, it orbits. The earth rotates around its own north-south axis. For these reasons, if the earth did not orbit the sun, it would still rotate on its own axis, and there would still be night and day.

Which planet rotates the slowest on its axis?

Venus is the planet that rotates slowest on its axis. It takes Venus longer to rotate on its axis than it takes the planet to orbit around the Sun.

How is Uranus different from the other planets in your solar system?

All the planets in the solar system have an axis of rotation that is roughly parallel to their axis of orbit, except for Uranus. Uranus' axis of rotation is perpendicular to its orbital axis--it's "sideways."

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