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Drills n' suchThe entire appointment will usually take 30-60 minutes. AnswerIf the dentist numbs you, there is a 5-10 minute wait for you to be frozen. Depending on how big is the cavity, the drilling takes between 5 and 15 minutes. Filling goes by very quickly and is only about 3-5 minutes and polishing is also about 5 minutes. It goes by very quickly and you shouldn't be nervous because it will be over before you know it.
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Q: How long does it take an average dentist to fill one small cavity?
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Why would a dentist drill out a tooth and fill if there is no cavity?

The dentist is crooked, and looking to make a buck.

Will a dentist fill a cavity without first taking an x-ray?

they could

When does it mean when your dentist says you need ceiling?

when the dentist says you need a ceiling that usually means you have a cavity and he need to fill it with cement.

When dentist fill your cavity do they put you to sleep?

no they don't they just numb it (alternate answer) No, a dentist does not put you to sleep to fill a cavity, but a dentist will inject your mouth with Novocaine so that you won't feel pain when the tooth is drilled. Anesthesia is a serious medical procedure, which is not undertaken lightly. Sometimes dental work is done under anesthesia, if the dental work is very extensive, but that would not be done for a mere cavity.

If you get a cavity on a loose tooth will the dentist fill it?

No, because your loose tooth will fall out eventually, than you won't have anything to worry about.

How can a dentist fill a cavity he can't see?

I don't agree with the bottom answer. To make it simple, you can view cavities in two ways. If they appear on the surface of the tooth, any dentist can see it directly with his or her own eyes. But if the cavity is between two teeth, or under a filling, the cavity can only be seen on an x-ray. All dentists should be equipped with dental x-rays. And knowing where the cavity is, a dentist drills to get to it. He can't. You might need to go to another dentist, that way it will be done correctly. Good luck to you:)

How do you fill a cavity in your permanent teeth?

Tooth cavities are filled with amalgam, which is a mixture of metals, or composite, a silica-containing plastic resin. After anaesthetic is administered, the dentist will drill away the decayed part of the tooth, and then fill the cavity with whichever filling has been chosen.

What to do for a deep cavity and rotted tooth?

Have a dentist fill the cavity with or without a root canal, and while you're there, have him pull that tooth before the infection goes into the jawbone and you have to have part of your jaw removed. The dentist can also show you how to brush and floss your teeth to slow down further tooth damage.

How much does it usually cost to get a cavity filled?

Well I go to a lowincome dentist in my area since I don't have insurance. I had one really bad cavity to fill that cost $60. A smaller cavity cost me $45. I heard regularly it can be $100-200. It really depends on your cavity as well.

Can you take out a cavity?

A cavity, no matter what kind it is, is a hole. You cannot take out a hole, but you can fill it up. In the case of a tooth cavity, the dentist drills and picks out all of the rotten tooth, right down to good solid material. Then he swabs the cleaned cavity with a liquid to plug up the tiny tubules inside, and also to discourage bacteria growth. Then he packs it full of a silver mixture which is the best material for a long-lasting filling. So . . . no, I cannot take out a cavity because I am not a dentist.

How do you stop cavity?

Go to the dentist to fill it. Don't eat foods with high sodium and aspatame quantities. Also, brush your teeth after every meal, and always use Listerline. EDIT: Another way if u hate the dentist... let the cavity dry, because cavities are spots that have melted and if it dries out, it will reharden, but i suggest u go to the dentist because there is already damage to the tooth.

What type of fillings do dentists use to fill an oral cavity?

There are numerous types of dental fillings that a dentist could use to fill a cavity. Examples of these include porcelain, gold or nickel alloys, composite resin and dental amalgam. Dental amalgam are the silver fillings and are a combination of tin, silver, liquid mercury and copper.

If you have an ear and sinus infection is it okay to have a cavity filled?

Yes, it's safe, but be sure to tell the dentist anyway. They will want to know, especially if you are on medications. Yes it is ok to fill your cavity. Unless your have an acute infection and your doctor told you to stay in bed, then you can postpone your appointment. But if you can function there is no problem in treating your cavity.

How can you treat cavities?

Have your dentist fill them.

I have a small patch of decalcification on a front tooth. Should I let my dentist fill this tooth?

No. Decalcification is not the same thing as tooth decay. It is the precursor to it. Talk to your dentist about other options.

On average how long does it take a dentist to fill two cavities?

It really depends on how big the filling is. There is no specific time range.

What kind of paperwork will I have to fill out at the dentist office?

If this is your v\fist time visiting the dentist you will have to fill out a medical qustioneer. yo uwill also have to fill out any needed insurance forms.

Does it hurt when a dentist pulls a cavity?

Dentists don't pull cavities they fill them. Usually it hurts when he sticks your gums with the needle to deaden the nerves. After that you lips and tongue will feel numb and swollen for an hour of two.

Can you fill in your own cavity or do they sell the one that your cavity filling is lost then you can go buy another filling?

Some pharmacies sell a temporary filling material that may relieve some discomfort until you can see a dentist. It is only temporary, and it does nothing to stop decay or infection. If you do not see a dentist soon, you run the risk of needing a root canal or even possibly losing the tooth.

Your two year old have a cavity should you fill it or take it out?

That question really needs to answered by a dentist, preferably a pediatric dentist (pedodontist). Age two is too young to lose a tooth, and depending on which one it is, it could have long-term consequences for the child's adult teeth. This is serious. Get to a dentist as soon as possible and discuss which options are best for the child.

What is meant by cavity in science?

A Cavity is any hollow place. so in a tooth a cavity is a hollow place caused by disease, in your chest your heart & lungs fill in your chest cavity.

What to do when your tooth breaks?

When your tooth breaks nothing major happens. Go to the dentist and have it looked at. If its a big chip then the dentist will fill it in with a clear liquid that soon hardens and blends in with your tooth.. If the chip is small then nothing will happen unless it's visible.

Cavity in your back tooth and it hurtrs what can i do i dont want to go to the dentist?

The best thing to do is go to the dentist. Scince your tooth already hurts, I'm guessing it's already gotten pretty bad. If you go to the doctor soon enough, they'll give you a numbing shot and then drill the cavity decay from the tooth, clean the tooth and then fill in the cavity. The procedure doesn't hurt at all after the numbing shot, before the numbing shot they will give you a swab with solution on it that helps numb you gum so it won't hurt so much when they inject. Annd if you're worried about spending money to get the cavity fixed at the dentist, I say it's better to get it fixed than your tooth hurting. It's only going to hurt more and more. get your tooth fixed and take good care of your teeth so you won't get another cavity.

Give you a sentence with the word form?

My dad had to fill out my dentist form.

Why did the dentist drill holes in symmetrical places in my front teeth and not fill them without telling me anything?

because he did not know how to