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I take Antabuse from time to time to stop a spree from drinking. I usually only take half the pill 125 mg. I have waited two weeks and then drank. I didnt have the drop in blood pressure, vomiting etc. But after a few drinks and about an hour I developed a rash that spread around my neck shoulders and face, have a bit of a hard time breathing and felt that hot throbbing feeling. Very much like an allergic reaction. Its gonna be different for everyone especially depending on dosage and how long you took it for and how much you plan on drinking. But if you want to be symptom free, Id wait at least two weeks. I have never had a full Antabuse reaction but even this smaller one at two weeks was scary and uncomfortable.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-21 03:51:13
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Q: How long does it take before you can drink alcohol after taking antabuse?
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