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How long does it take for a blood test to detect pregnancy?


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I called the lab at the hospital near me who does these bvlood test the person Ispoke with told me that if you take a blod test to early it will show up neg. you need to wait at least 1 week past when you were expected to start ovualation, it will not show a pos. if you are until implantation has taken place so if you chart your cycles and know when you ovulate then you can have one done with pretty much accrute results 7-10 days after that.sometimes sooner but for best results 7-10days


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This will generally depend on the test that is used to detect a pregnancy. Blood tests are more accurate in that they can detect a pregnancy earlier. As soon as two weeks after a missed period, blood tests can detect levels of Hcg (the hormone pregnant females produce). Urine pregnancy tests generally do not detect a pregnancy before the 6th week because sometimes it takes that long for Hcg levels to rise to the point where a urine test will be sensitive enough to detect it.

no a blood pregnancy test can scan for lower levels of pregnancy hormones then a pregnancy test. a blood test can usually be taken after two weeks ovulatsion. depending on when you ovulated if you know i surgest if you wish to find out if your pregnant before your missed period that you use a pregnancy test whitch can detect the pregnancy hormones 6 days early. it will be best for you to take this test with the first pee in the morning.

Modern home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate and can detect the chemical markers for pregnancy about 6-12 days after conception. There are (more expensive, laboratory only) tests that are able to detect pregnancy as little as 48 hours after conception. If you're asking how long it takes to take the test ... not long at all, maybe 15 minutes.

With most tests, it takes about 2 weeks from the time of conception. About the same time that the home pregnancy test will be able to detect it.

You can do a blood test which can detect pregnancy as soon as a week after fertilization. Home tests are usually not as accurate until 4 days before your period is due but some are more sensitive and can detect pg earlier. So to answer the question you can do a any of them as soon as you are late.

Whoever told you "no" is wrong. Pregnancy test detect the HCG in your urine or blood ( if you go to the doctors to have a blood test performed ) and it will only detect that hormone. Nothing else will affect it. That's what they're made for detecting. It does not matter if one is on their period or not. As a matter of fact, you could be on your period, and take a pregnancy test ( wait until a week after you have missed your period to take one ) and it will still be accurate.

You can usually get results the next day

Call differant clinics in your area. There are alot of clinics that will take the test for nothing or for almost nothing.

no. opks are ovulation prediction kits. they detect when you ovulate. to find if youre pregnant, you have to take a pregnancy test

IUDs are among the most effective methods of birth control. There is normally no cause to take a pregnancy test. With or without the IUD pregnancy tests detect pregnancy from sex that happened 10 to 12 days earlier.

It all depends on how much of the pregnancy hormone (HcG) the pregnancy test can detect. Some detect as low as 10 mg of the hormone, and some take up to 100 mg.

You can take a home pregnancy test from two weeks after you last had sex. It's best to double check the packet of the pregnancy test to ensure that it's sensitive enough to detect lower levels of pregnancy hormones, talk to your pharmacist to determine the best pregnancy test to purchase.

at first thought of being pregnant however most women wait untill 3-days after their missed period to take a pregnacy test i would sugest the: EPT pregnancy test(error proof test) The earliest and most accurate time you can detect pregnancy is with a urine test....home pregnancy test, when your late for your period or three weeks after having unprotected sex. Or with a blood test, you can detect pregnancy within 5-7 days after having sex.

First can detect pregnancy 6 days before ur period

It will normally take one or two days to get the result of a pregnancy blood test. This test will be carried out at your doctor's surgery.

Wait at least 2-3 weeks until after you had sex to take the pregnancy test. Even then it might not be a high enough level to detect the hormone. Blood tests at the doctor are much quicker.

Get a couple of over-the-counter home pregnancy tests. follow their instructions. 4 weeks after you have sex take a preg test. Look for dark deep blue lines on your breasts when you get out of the shower Take a home pregnancy test, that is the way to get the fastest results. If you mean how do you get the results the earliest in your pregnancy, then a blood test at the doctors office will detect pregnancy the earliest. Blood test at the dr.

You can take a home pregnancy test the day of a missed period. If its negative you may want to test again in a few days because home pregnancy tests detect HCG and it may be possible that you just didnt have enough yet. It increases rapidly in the beginning of pregnancy. Most blood tests at the doctor can confirm pregnancy 8-10 days past ovulation.

Considering home pregnancy tests can detect it up to five days before your missed period, you can take one as soon as you realize you're late.

Depending on the test, any where from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

Depends on what kind you take. If you take a HTP (Home Pregnancy Test) it would take 2-3 minutes just to find out. If your taking a blood test, it takes from 1-3 days to get the results in depending on if your health provider sends off the blood tests or can do blood tests in their own office.

Yes if you take the test too early oh probably your hormones are not at the high level to detect the pregnancy

Take a home pregnancy test or just go to your doctor and get bloodwork done to tell if you are pregnant

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