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2 seconds to 5 seconds

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Q: How long does it take for a gernade to blow up?
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What does it mean when you call a girl a gernade?

It means that she is overweight (could blow up on you)

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How do you get past the ranchor monster in Star Wars knights of the old republic?

Search the corpses and you will find three gases in a small bottle. Select the body and put one gas and a gernade (doesn't matter, all of them have same damage here) in the body. The rancor will come over eat the corpse and the gernade will blow up killing the rancor.

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take over, not blow-up

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2 hours if it takes 20 puffs and you have to resurface to get breath for every blow into the ballon,and each dive and resurface takes 20 minutes then it would take 6 hours 40min to blow the balloon up

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Yes, if they are prepared to fire so yes they can take down the UFO or blow up the UFO into pieces.

What happens if you take Citrizine and Zolpidem?

You blow up :)

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The long whistle blow at a meet means to hop up on the block and be prepared to take your mark at any time.

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This question is too complex to be answered here as written, it depends on:your definition of "blow up"bomb yields availableburst heights/depthsetc. for dozens of additional variables

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you do st ups until yo blow up