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two hours

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Q: How long does it take for a meal to go through your digestive system?
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How long does it take for a meal to go through the whole digestive system?

12 to 15 hours

What is the fate of the soybean meal as it passes through the digestive system of the chicken?

it is digested and is stored as fat.

How do gastropods eat?

they expose their digestive system out through their mouths and it liquifies their intended meal and then they retract it back inside

What is the name of the system that is used after we have eaten a meal?

We use the digestive system.

What will happen if digestive system and circulatory system after eating a meal?

Circulation to the digestive system increases to help the body digest food.

The digestive system absorbes glucose from what system after you eat a meal?

the urannery systemn

Who invented the digestive system?

Who invented the digestive system? God. Who first discovered what the digestive system does? Adam after his first meal. Adam also was probably the first person to see the digestive system when he butchered his first animal for food.

What are the gudelines for meal plannning for adults?

Adults look for what will keep them healthy. By keeping a balanced meal and a healthy digestive system.

Is digesting an involuntary movement?

When is the last time that you consciously and deliberately moved a meal through your digestive system? Does it ever happen without your constant, deliberate control?

How long does the digestive proccess take?

It takes about 4-6 hours to digest a meal.

What causes sweating after eating?

Because after we eat a large meal, the digestive system begins to work harder.

Drink after a meal as a digestive?


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