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The turn around time is usually about 3-4 weeks. This is normal because everthing is being imported from overseas. In some cases it can take up to 2 months, due to the shipment being held in customs. Shipments have come in sooner. Check out for any airsoft and paintball products you might need.

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Q: How long does it take for an airsoft gun that is out of stock to come back to stock?
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What does adjustable stock mean in airsoft?

It means that the buttstock of a long gun can be adjusted to fit different shooters.

How long does it take for out of stock items on American girl to come back in stock?

It depends on the item. Call or e-mail the American Girl place and ask.

If a stock price goes down to zero can it come back up?

The stock could go back up as long as the company is still in business, or is sold or bought by a another business or corporation, otherwise no.

When will the Toys R Us in UK sell the Nerf longshot?

you can buy it in Toys r Us for £40 but its out of stock. I really have been waiting quite long for it to come back in stock :(

Can you use airsoft guns in long island?

Yes there are two airsoft fields on long island

Where can you have a airsoft bebe gun war?

in your own back yard, airsoft guns are legal on your own property to shoot, as long as your not shooting someone else who doesnt want to. its perfectly legal to shoot and use any airsoft gun no your own property.

Is it legal to carry an airsoft gun on your back in public in NH for Halloween?

Yes, as long as the tip is still orange.

How long do airsoft batteries last?

4 to 6 hours in a airsoft war

How long is the airsoft well mb03?

The Well MB03 Spring Airsoft Rifle measures approximately 38" long.

Is it bad to leave an airsoft gun dissembled?

Not as long as you don't forget how to put it back together and it doesn't get dusty or rusty.

How do you take the stock off an Echo1 airsoft m4?

Pretty easy. Taking off the standard stock from any brand of airsoft M4 is almost the same. First, you need a small L key (the size of the L key depend on the brand) and a long + (plus) screwdriver (about 12 inch or so). First, pull the length adjuster of the stock to the max then slide the stock off the buffer tube. Unscrew the buffer tube cover with a small L key. If you see inside the buffer tube, you can find a big screw. Unscrew it. It's quite long and need some effort. Then, pull the buffer tube off your airsoft M4's lower reciever. Voilla... you've done it!

How long does it take for an item to come out of stock?

At least 3 weeks