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The worlds largest Oil tanker is the Knock Nevis. (580,000 tonnes) It takes 5.5 miles to stop with a turning circle of over 2 miles. It takes nearly 15 mins to turn 180 degrees.

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Q: How long does it take for an oil tanker to stop?
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How long does it take to build an oil tanker?

It takes up to 5 years.

What is the use of the oil tanker?

Oil Tanker is used to carry oil

What is a tanker's cargo?

Normally a Tanker carries some liquid, mostly Oil, therefore the term "Oil Tanker".

What was the oil tanker doing when it exploded in the Gulf of Mexico?

It was not an oil tanker, but a drilling platform.

How much does an oil tanker truck weigh?

the oil tanker weigh about 2000 pound tonnes

Who invented oil tanker?

The worlds first successful oil tanker was built by Ludvig Nobel

What is the biggest oil tanker?

The world's largest oil tanker is the Hua San built in 2008 and waving the Singapore flag. It measures 333 meters long and 60 meters wide with a gross tonnage of 164,680 tons.

Approximately how far off course was this oil tanker?

Approximately how far off course was this oil tanker?

What oil tanker did the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico?

The Mega Borg tanker spilled oil into the Gulf of Mexico in 1990.

How is the giant concrete box placed over the broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico supposed to stop the oil?

They said it isn't supposed to stop it. It would make it to where they can load it on a tanker instead of free flow in the gulf.

How long does it take for an oil tanker reach full speed?

This question is impossible to answer based on the vagueness of it. Oil tankers are pulled so it would depend on the tractor that is pulling the tanker, how heavy the trailer is, is it full, what size motor the tractor had, what transmission was behind the motor, who is driving the tractor, what is their experience, is it on flat ground, going down hill, or up hill, etc.

What do you use an oil tanker for?

Transporting Oil.

What does MR oil tanker mean?

MR oil tanker actually refers to Medium Range Product Tanker which is between 42,000 dwt to 59,999 dwt. There are two categories of ships in the oil tanker industry. First are the Product tankers which transport refined petroleum products like gasoline, diesel, naphtha, aviation fuel, etc. Second are the Crude carriers which transport unrefined crude oil.

How can oil spill happens?

Oil spills happen when people make mistakes or are careless and cause an oil tanker to leak oil into the ocean. There are a few more ways an oil spill can occur. Equipment breaking down may cause an oil spill. If the equipment breaks down, the tanker may get stuck on shallow land. When they start to drive the tanker again, they can put a hole in the tanker causing it to leak oil.

How many gallons of gas does a truck oil tanker carry?

An oil tanker would be carrying crude oil, not refined product. So the answer would be zero.

How many barreks of oil does a oil tanker carry?

A Oil Tanker can carry up to 550,000 DWT '' Dead Weight Tons'' DelSol_Racer.

What happens when an oil tanker leaks on ocean?

If An Oil Tanker Leaks On The Ocean The Water Is Poluted and Animals Are Hurt Or Killed By The Oil. Hope This Helps! ♥

Who invented the oil tanker?

Ludvig Nobel was the inventor of the oil tanker. He was a businessman and engineer who was born in Sweden on July 27, 1831.

How oil tanker measures?

I assume you meant measuring the level in an oil tanker making a delivery to a petrol station? The driver uses long metal rods that are dipped through opened caps on the top of the tanker to check the level inside. Note: I assume the metal rods are non-ferous and won't cause a spark, but I'm not sure!

A damage oil tanker spill 34 700 000 gallons of crude oil over four days on the average about how many gallons did the tanker spill each day?

This is a simple problem. Just take 34,700,000 and divide by 4 to get the answer, 8,675,000 gallons.

How many people to crew a oil tanker?

About twenty people are believed to crew an oil tanker in any given oil company. This however depends with how big the company is.

What happened to the valdez oil spill crew?

The Exxon-Valdez is an oil tanker. One of the storage compartments leaked oil when the tanker hit an underwater iceberg. The tanker did not sink, and crew members were evacuated. I could not find out exactly how many were aboard the tanker when the accident occurred but I think it was around 5 to 10 in total.

What chemical is being carried in the tanker?

First of all I would like to explain that tanker divide into 3: 1. Oil tanker 2. Gas tanker 3. Chemical tanker Gas tanker can not carry oil and chemical, and vice versa. Oil tanker can not carry chemical, but chemical tanker can carry oil. However it is very rare that chemical tanker carry oil. It is because, if they carry oil and next cargo is chemical, it would be very difficult to clean cargo tank ex oil. Also freight for carry oil is less than chemical, so it is not economical. For chemical tanker itself, not every tanker can carry all kind of chemical type. Depend on cargo tank coating, for example: stainless steel, epoxy, zinc, marine line, etc. That is why before we carry chemical, we need to check cargo tank compatibility chart whether it is compatible to carry that chemical or not. For more basic knowledge about shipping business (chemical tanker) readers can visit the link below

What is cargo hold in oil tanker?

oil tanks are cargo hold in oil tanker.OBO ships ( oil bulk ore) having oil tanks which is similar to cargo hold in bulk carrier

Capacity of an oil tanker truck?

the capacity of how much a tanker truck holds is 40,000 kl