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In undersea eruptions, almost instantly. On land it depends on the viscosity and other factors. On land, could be minutes, hours, days, weeks.

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Why does lava take a long time to cool down?

Lava cools slowly because lava is a poor conductor of heat. Lava flows slow down and thicken as they harden.

Does lava harden?

Yes. Lava cools and hardens into rock.

Does the lava harden?

Actually, it does not. It is soft.

What does lava harden into when it cools?

Lava hardens into extrusive igneous rock.

Why is lava and magma not a rock?

Lava and magma are not rocks because they are liquids and cant harden because they are to hot to harden and cant cool themselves down long enough to form a hard structure. Magma and lava is rock - it's just been superheated by the Earth's core.

How long does it take for grape popsicle to harden?

It takes at least 3 days to harden.

What does lava harden to?

It hardens into volcanic rock. The kind of rock depends on the kind of lava.

How are Pillow Lava and Pahoehoe lava the same?

Both pillow lava and pahoehoe lava have about the same composition and harden into a kind of rock called basalt.

What are the names of rocks that harden before they come out of the volcano and the name of rocks that harden after they come out of a volcano?

It is called Lava

How long does it take for sap to harden?

About a hour mabye a day

Dust sized particles of harden lava?

it is kaka shamucky

What happens to magma and lava when they coll and harden?

it turs to rock

What type of rock forms when magma and lava harden?

Igneous rocks form from the hardening of magma and lava.

What happens to lava when it flows into the ocean?

It harden really quickly or instantly, and is called a pillow lava. :D

How do volcanoes shape the Pacific Northwest?

volcanoes will erupt and let out lava then the lava will harden and that will be new land.

How long does it take paint to dry and harden on a newly painted car?

At least a month to dry and another week to harden

How long does it take sculpting clay to harden in the oven?

12 seconds...

How was a diamond formed?

lava helps harden with stone and minerals grow it

Why does lava harden?

Because it cools down and changes its state of mater.

What makes lava harden?


What rock is formed when magma and lava cool and harden?

Igneous Rock.

What happens after lava harden and turnes into igneous?

It hardens and turns it to rock.

How long does it take for lava to cool?

If there is no fresh supply of lava coming in, it may take a matter of hours to days. Small globs of lava will cool faster.

How long does it take for melted butter to harden?

About four hours and twenty minutes.

What happens to magma and lava once they cool and harden?

It becomes igneous rocks>

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