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Q: How long does it take for the galaxy Andromeda to reach ours?
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What is the galaxy nearest to ours?

The Andromeda system.

When will the Andromeda galaxy meet ours?

In 2.5 billion years.

What are other galaxies out there that is closer to ours?

The closest galaxy to the Milky Way is the Andromeda galaxy.

Why is the light blue shifted in the Andromeda galaxy?

The light from Andromeda is blue shifted because that galaxy is approaching ours. We will eventually collide, as we have probably done in the past.

What are the names of some spiral galaxies?

Milky Way Galaxy (ours)Andromeda galaxy.Pinwheel GalaxySunflower GalaxyWhirlpool GalaxyTriangulum Galaxy

What is Andromeda galaxy made of?

Much the same as ours. Stars and planetary bodies, gas clouds etc

What is the Andromeda galaxy made of?

Much the same as ours. Stars and planetary bodies, gas clouds etc

What is a galaxy name?

Ours is the Milky Way Galaxy. Some others are Andromeda, The Tadpole Galaxy, Centaurus A, Draco Dwarf, Papillion, and the farthest known galaxy, UDFj-39546284.

Which is the nearest galaxy to ours?

The nearest big galaxy is Andromeda, but the Milky Way has several neighborhood mini-galaxies. The most significant are the Magellanic clouds.

How many galaxies the size of ours laid end to end would it take to reach Andromeda?

Roughly 25.4 Milky Ways.

Are there any probes in the Andromeda Galaxy?

No human probes, no. The Andromeda Galaxy is simply too far away. It is about 2.5 million light years away, meaning that even at the speed of light it would take 2.5 million years to reach it, and no manmade probe can travel anywhere near that fast. Currently the furthest man-made probe is about 16 light ours from Earth, and it took nearly 35 years to get that far. Though technically we have no way of knowing if there is intelligent life somehwere in the Andromeda Galaxy that might be exploring their own solar system with probes.

If the other galaxy bigger than ours or smaller?

By definition the question is incorrect. There are not only 2 galaxies in our universe, but billions. Each galaxy is a different size and is made up of millions or stars and planets. Our galaxy is called the Milky-Way, and our closest neighbouring galaxy is called the Andromeda galaxy.