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If an ovum is in the Fallopian tube, meaning you have already ovulated, then the process of fertilization {sperm meeting egg) can begin as soon as 30 minutes after unprotected intercourse or failed contraception (example: broken condom, dislodged diaphragm/cap).

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Q: How long does it take for the sperm to enter?
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How long does egg and sperm take to enter tube?

a sec

How long does sperm take to enter the egg?

It takes about day or two to get the sperm to the egg. You will know when your pregnant.

After the sperm enters your vagina how long will it take to conceive?

It takes about 3 hours for the sperm to fully enter the egg.

How long does it take to sperm?

Not long enough

How long does it take to take out sperm?


If you have sperm on you and re enter a female can she get pregnant?

There is little risk of the sperm on you making her pregnant as it does not take long for sperm to die out in the open, (a few seconds). however the stuff that is hiding inside your urethra is another story. While the risk is a lot smaller it does exist.

Does sperm enter the pelvic cavity if the female?

Yes it take about 30 mins to get there

Where does fertilazation take place?

well, fertilization takes place in the ovaries. after the sperm cells enter through the vagina the enter the ovaries. where then the egg and sperm cells merge and the egg is fertilized.

How long does it take to produce sperm in the testicles?

how long does it take for a males sperm to built back up in his testical sack? 2months

How long does it take to make sperm?

not very long if you geting it on.

How long does it take for sperm to come?

To come where?

If sperm lands on the vagina but is wiped off immediately can you get pregnant?

Sperm has to enter the vagina in order to get pregnant. Even if the sperm makes it in it has a long hard journey to make it to the egg.

Why do sperm enter the pelvic cavity?

because sperm were designed to seek out unfertilized eggs, and they will search for eggs for as long as they are alive once ejaculated

Do any sperm enter the pelvic cavity?

Yes. The sperm can enter through the Peritoneal Cavity.

How long does it take to rejuvenate your sperm after sex?

As soon as you can get a second erection, your sperm is good to go.

Does citrus acid kill sperm?

No, it does not. Dont know of anything that kills sperm that is injested but there are things that weaken sperm, drugs, alcohol, smoking. Once the sperm enter the air they dont survive very long, either.

How long does it take to create sperm?

30 min

How long does it take for sperm to meet egg?


How long does it take to process sperm?

5 mins.

How long does sperm production take?

One hour.

What happen 2 sperm had entered the egg?

An egg only allows one sperm to enter and is fertilized by that one sperm: 2 cannot enter.

How long does a human sperm take to fertilize a human female egg?

If you are asking "how long does it take for the sperm to fertilize the egg once it penetrates the egg wall?", it is instantaneous. That's what "fertilized" means. If you are asking "how long does it take the sperm to fertilize the egg once it enters the female body?", there is no exact answer. it could take from a few minutes to a few days.

How long does it take for sperm to die on a toilet seat?

Sperm dies when it is dry, it cannot live very long outside the body at all.

How long does it take sperm to travel to an egg?

This depends on the species your investigating, the anatomy of the female, and the fitness of the sperm.

How long will sperm live on your skin?

Sperm generally can live for 24 hours outside of the body, give or take. Otherwise the sperm dies.

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