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How long does it take for toilet paper to decompose?


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2-3 years

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The plastic bag will not decompose but it may clog up the toilet.

A single paper bag can take 3-4 weeks to decompose.

It takes about 3 to 4 weeks to decompose a paper bag.

It takes at least 300 years for a paper plait to decompose.>=-(

Various factors determine how long it takes paper to compose, such as the environment and the type of paper product. A paper bag may decompose in a month, while it may take cardboard 2 months to decompose.

it takes 100 years to for it to decompose but a plastic one because plastic can not decompose so it can't

It takes a paper cup a month to decompose in a back yard compost. It takes six weeks in the ocean.

Because a paper plate is made of trees, and is an organic material, it should take it around 3 months to decompose. However, in a landfill it will take much longer.

I think it will take maybe 2-3 months

it takes 4 months for an ice cream container to decompose

The amount of time it takes for a paperclip to decompose depends on the material it is made out of. Metal paperclips take longer to decompose than plastic ones.

It can take up to two months for an apple core to decompose in a landfill. Banana peels will take a few days to decompose. While glass takes a very long time to decompose, a paper bag can take up to five months.

how long does fabrics take to decompose how long does fabrics take to decompose

Depends on what they're made of. Plastic? paper? foil? cellophane?

A juice box can take as long as 300 years to decompose. This is because a juice box can be made up of six different layers of paper, plastic and aluminum.

Take toilet paper in your pocket wherever you go. If someone annoys you, take them by surprise and cover them with it.

it depends in how big or fat is the kid and how thick do you want the paper surrounding him

When I bought Simple Sandals from Whole Foods, the paper said that the average rubber shoe can take up to 1000 years to fully decompose- the sandals take 20.

No it does not decompose it will hurt the nature

Gold will never decompose.

it depends, if it is totally made up of paper it shall take 100 years although if it is made up of plastic then neverit all depends on the thing you want to decompose

It matters what it is made of. If it is paper then it would take a couple months if bacteria is present.

iron does not decompose but after a long time and i mean a long time it just starts to flake away but does not decompose

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