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Around an hour and a half

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Q: How long does it take on a ferry to calais from dover?
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How long does it take to travel from Dover to France by ferry?

dover-calais 1hr10min dover-dunkirk 1hr50min

How long does it take to get from London to Calais in a train?

There is no direct train from London to Calais. The London to Paris train doesn't stop at Calais. The alternative would be to take a train from London to Dover and the ferry from Dover to Calais.

How long does it take to get from dover to calais on the ferry?

it can take around 1 and a half hours from the official website of p&o ferries

How long would it take to get from Dover to France on a ferry?

How long would it take to get to France from Dover on a ferry

How many miles from Dover to France?

There are about 23 miles from Dover, England to Calais, France. If traveling by Ferry it will take about 2 hours.

How long would it take to drive to Copenhagen from London?

14-15 hours (+ the ferry ride between Dover (England) and Calais (France))

How long does it take to get from dover to calais?

About 90 Min.

How long to drive from slough England to fuengirola Spain?

if you take the dover to calais ferry you can drive the rest of the way in 24 hours if there are 2 of you to take turns

How many kilometers are from London to Paris?

First off from London to the Channel Tunnel/Dover it is 60/75 miles taking this route:Take M20 towards the CHANNEL TUNNEL and DOVER, from London, to either the CHANNEL TUNNEL at J11A (recommended) or to the DOVER FERRY PORT, via A20 (secondary alternative).Take either the CHANNEL TUNNEL shuttle or the DOVER-CALAIS CAR FERRY to CALAIS, FRANCE.From Calais, it is 280 km taking this route:Take A26 PARIS, from Calais, to A1 PARIS.Take A1 to Paris.For more info on the EUROTUNNEL and the DOVER-CALAIS CAR FERRY, see the related links below:

How long does it take to cross the channel from calais to dover?

Approx. 80 minutes by car Ferry; or 50 minutes by 'Seacat' which is a catarmaran (twin hull vessel).

Can you travel to England from Netherlands easily?

Yes you can. You can travel by ferry or by plane or by train. When you take the ferry you can for example go from Dover to Calais and continue driving to the Netherlands in your car.

How long does it take to travel from Dover to Dunkirk by ferry?

1 hour

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