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I have a whole life insurance policy, how long does it take to cancel it, also can I get money back from it.

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Q: How long does it take to cancel your life insurance policy?
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Do you get paid if you cancel your life insurance?

No you would not. Insurance is only applicable as long as the policy is in force and is VALID. Once the policy gets cancelled either due to non payment of premium or because you want to cancel it, all benefits of the insurance policy become null and void. You would not get any benefits out of it after that date.

How long do you pay for auto insurance?

You pay as long as you would like to policy to cover you. Sometimes you can go monthly, but the policy will eventually cancel if they do not receive payment.

I had a house fire last year and my insurance company dropped me after the claim Can my girlfriend purchase a homeowners insurance policy and claim that she has never had a canceled policy?

She can buy a new policy all day long and claim she had never had a policy cancel if: 1. She is the only person on the deed to the house. 2. She never had a policy cancel.

Will an insurance company pay a claim that occurred during a covered period if you cancel the policy?

Yes, So long as the policy was not already canceled at the time of the loss.

what are the advantages of long term life insurance vs whole life insurance?

The basic difference between long term life insurance and whole life insurance is that a term policy is life coverage only and this is also considered an advantage. One can buy a long term life insurance for periods of one year to 30 years, whereas whole life insurance is a combination of a term policy with an investment component.

How long before you are vested for life insurance?

Your life insurance policy would pay out immediately after ratifying the contract

What type of insurance replaces income if you a long illness or injury and cannot work?

You would need a whole life or an universal life policy with an income rider, and possibly a long term care insurance policy which would fall under a health insurance policy.

Can you insure another person for life insurance?

Yes, one person can obtain a life insurance policy on another as long as the policy owner has an insurable, financial interest in the life of the insured.

What exactly is a life insurance company?

A live insurance company is a company that holds a "life insurance" policy on a person. The policy is taken out by a person and fees are paid. And, if for some reason the person's life ends, the policy is paid out to the beneficiaries as long as the death was not done on purpose.

Can an insurance company cancel your homeowners insurance if you refuse to install exterior stair rails?

As long as the contract itself has no specifically stated agreement that shows coverage is unconditional, then, as long as they give proper notice, an insurance company can cancel ANY insurance policy for ANY reason. Of course, if you disagree with the decision, you can always consult an attorney and go from there

Does a persons auto insurance terminate when they die?

The policy does not automatically cancel. The person who is the executor or administrator of the estate needs to sign a cancellation in order to cancel the policy. If the policy needs to stay in force for a while to allow the transfer of titles and such, usually the insurance company will agree as long as any and all drivers are added to the policy. As titles are changed the new owners need to get their own policies.

What baby life insurance policies are available from Gerber?

Gerber gives many families a kick start to their newborns life. Gerber offers Gerber Life which is a long term life insurance policy for the child. This life insurance policy is used by thousands in the US.