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I just removed and reinstalled the EGR on my 1988 Ranger 2.3L and it didn't take very long at all. I did have to soak the tubing fitting (the tube that comes up from the exhaust manifold and into the EGR valve) overnight with WD40 before it would move. After removing the vacuum tube and the sensor wire connector, the two bolts that fasten the EGR to the intake manifold came off without difficulty. Not counting the overnight soak time, it was less than 15 minutes to remove the entire assembly. After cleaning out the intake (the plunger was seized inside all that gunk) I put it back together using anti-seize lube on the tubing fitting. Didn't solve my idle problem, but the EGR works like it's supposed to :)

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2009-08-13 01:40:51
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Q: How long does it take to change an EGR in a ford Ranger?
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