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How long does it take to drive 30 miles going 40mph?


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how long will it take me to drive 30 miles going 40mph

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1hour 30minutes/5400secs/90minutes/1.5hours

Divide 60 by your MPH. at 40MPH, it will take 60/40 = 1.5 hours.

Well if you are driving 40 miles PER hour, it means it takes 1hour to drive 40 miles. So we know how long it would take to drive 40 miles at 40mph, but there is an extra 20. To do this we just use simple halfing. At 40mph, it would take 1HOUR to drive at 40mph, so if we think, oh it would take 30minutes to go 20 miles at 40miles per hour. So your answer is 1 hour 30 minutes. By Elly Goodwin, Year 8

It would take .525 of an hour to drive 21 miles at 40mph without traffic, or a little over half an hour.

90 minutes 40 x 1.5 = 60 60 x 1.5 = 90

3 hours to drive 165 miles going 55 miles per hour.

7 hours to drive 420 miles going 60 mph.

It should take you a little over 3 minutes if you travel at 40mph constantly

depends on the speed your going

depends how fast your going !

depends on how fast you are going.

Depends on how fast you are going

the time depends on how fast you are going

Depends on how fast you are going.

It depends on how fast you are going!

It takes 2 hours, 16 minutes, 37 seconds to drive 148 miles going 65 miles per hour

It depends entirely on how fast you are going. If you are going a mile an hour, it will take you eleven hours to drive eleven miles. If you are going eleven miles an hour, it will only take you an hour.

it takes 14.30000 hours to drive 858 miles dudes

1.05 hours = 1 hour 3 minutes.

It depends on how fast you're going...if your going 60 mph, then 22 minutes...going 30 mph...44 minutes

one hour if you are going ninty miles per hour

Depends on how fast you're going.

It depends how fast you're going

Well, how fast are you going on average?

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